Unusual salads will help to surprise your guests in the holiday

As you know, the salad is a cold dish that is prepared from vegetable mixture, mushrooms, beans, fruits and different greens. Usually salads dressed with the standard sauces. sunflower and olive oils, lemon juice, mayonnaise, sour cream or yogurt without additives. As for cooking time, the salad is done immediately before use or a few hours before.

Salads are not considered a full meal, this quick snack. So, the ancient Romans with grilled meat often made a sort of salad of endive, onions, olive oil and honey. But in the Middle ages, people almost forgot about these dishes. Only peasants cooked vegetable salads consisting of onions, garlic, parsley and mint.

Over time, the salads were recognized. On a culinary pedestal of honor they were erected by the French. They came up with to mix seemed absolutely incompatible ingredients, getting balanced and delicious meals, which received the name of the French salads. In addition, the French also entitled to most of the famous sauces and dressings.

Thanks to the French and we got kind of salad etiquette. Unspoken rules are in the proper selection of components and related dressings. There is a part of the experiment in the preparation of these dishes. Because without it we wouldn’t have gotten a tenth of that receptora of wealth that you have now.

In this issue we also suggest You experiment a bit with salads. The recipes of any of them You will find in any cookbook. They are all a fantasy beginners. However, we decided not to publish the failed recipes, only the most tested and delicious. So, unusual recipes salads.

The content

Macaroni salad with cabbage

The necessary ingredients to make the salad:

inflorescence colored cabbage – 0.5 kg

parsley – 50 g

walnuts – 100 g

fat sour cream – 4 tablespoons

polka dot banks – 4 tablespoons

sugar – 1 tbsp

oil – 3 tablespoons

salt, pepper – to taste

Colored cabbage should be divided into florets and rinse thoroughly, then throw in boiling salted water and cook for about 10-15 minutes. After she is ready, you should drain and cut into large pieces. Preheat a frying pan and melt in it the butter. Fry it on all sides cauliflower.

In a dry pan you fry the walnuts. and after roasting, with the help of a rocking chair or in a mortar, mash them.

Parsley need to finely chop. Open a jar of peas and mix with 4 tablespoons roasted cauliflower, pepper, a little salt and mix well. Then connect with walnuts, which before it was roasted.

To prepare the sauce for this salad you need to mix a good fat sour cream, sugar and salt. This sauce should fill with the salad and top can be decorated with finely chopped greens.

Macaroni salad with feta cheese

The necessary ingredients to make the salad with feta :

bell pepper – 2 PCs.

red tomatoes – 1-2 PCs.

black olives pitted – 80 g

sunflower oil – 4 tablespoons

cheese feta cheese or feta cheese – 100 g

parsley – 50 g

feathers of green onions – 50 g

salt, pepper – to taste

That was a beautiful salad. then take two different peppers – yellow and green. To begin, remove the seeds and cut into small cubes.

Olives is better to take seedless. and then you have to pull and even the bones, and then cut them in half.

Red tomatoes (well, when they are fleshy rather than water) to wash and very finely chop. All of these ingredients should be mixed. Then you need a salad, add salt to taste and pepper, and drizzle with sunflower oil, but good and with olive.

After that, all the salad ought to shift into a deep bowl and top to put more olives, but only whole, and finely diced cheese or feta cheese.

Just before serving, you can decorate the salad with chopped parsley.

Pasta salad and greens

The necessary ingredients to make the salad:

tomatoes – 3 PCs.

the fresh cucumber – 1 PC.

sweet pepper – 2 PCs.

the already boiled noodles – 150 g

sunflower oil – 2 tablespoons

parsley – 50 g

lettuce – 50 g

salt, pepper – to taste

Ripe tomatoes should be washed and cut into large pieces.

To boil the noodles need to boil water and throw the pasta (salt only need boiling water to separate them). You need to cook for about 7-10 minutes then strain through a colander.

In a deep salad bowl you want to mix, salt and pepper – to taste and season with sunflower oil.

Before serving you can decorate with chopped parsley and arrange on lettuce leaves of lettuce.

A simple salad with peas

The necessary ingredients to prepare a simple salad :

cabbage – 300 g

Bulgarian pepper – EA.

chicken eggs – 2 PCs.

canned peas – 150 g

dill and parsley – 70 g

lettuce – 50 g

mayonnaise – 100 g

salt, pepper – to taste

Bell peppers, for starters, you need to wash and remove the seeds. Then cut into small stripes. Try cabbage to chop smaller, then place in a bowl, season with salt and a good mash.

Chicken eggs should cook. peel and finely chop. Parsley and dill – chop.

All the prepared ingredients required to mix. season with salt and pepper. Mayonnaise should be watered immediately before serving so that the salad does not become too liquid.

Also before serving ought to shoot small plate of salad and put a slide prepared the salad, and top with sprigs of dill.

Rice salad with bell peppers

The necessary ingredients to make the salad with rice :

Bulgarian pepper – 1 PC.

boiled rice – 150 g

peas from the jar – 100g

chicken eggs – 3 PCs.

sunflower oil – 3 tablespoons

parsley – 50 g

salt, pepper – to taste

Pepper should be taken of red color, it is necessary to remove all seeds and cut into thin stripes.

The rice should be poured cold water, a little salt and bring to a boil, cook on very low heat so that it steamed. When cooked, the rice has cooled, it should be mixed with pepper.

Chicken eggs should be put into cold water and cook for about 10 min. to be thick. Then, when cooled (to make the shell easier was shot down after cooking the eggs in cold water), peel them and cut in small pieces. Add the chopped eggs to the rice and spice, then open a jar of peas and add 100 g of butter lettuce.

All need to be mixed thoroughly, add salt and pepper to taste and just before serving fill with sunflower oil. You must also decorate the salad with parsley. On the edge of the plate can also put a halved boiled eggs and a few slices of red pepper.

The unusual holiday salad

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