Unusual religious rituals of peace

In every religion and culture is something that other people find strange traditions or rites of passage, but for the true believers, these rituals are quite acceptable. In Christianity, Judaism and Islam, there are ceremonies and practices, marking important life events: birth, marriage, coming of age and death; and many of these ceremonies may seem very unusual for the ignorant. Under such rituals implied figurative eating of flesh and blood (communion), surgical operation with babies and children (circumcision) or the restoration of sight or hearing or touch (faith healing). Throughout the world there are religious practices that seem to be just another wild and believers consider it normal.

Pierce his skin thick hooks in dedication, to throw the baby to a height of 50 feet, that it was healthy, to sprinkle his car with Holy water and ovesight flowers – many people find it strange religious customs. But who says they are even more strange than familiar religious traditions in the Western world? Here are some unusual religious rituals in the world – from the rite of passage to rituals for wealth and luck.

Extreme body piercing

During the celebration of a religious festival Thaipusam Hindu world Express their commitment to God Murugan, piercing different parts of the body. At first it doesn’t seem unusual, except that the piercing is done with studs, spikes, big hooks or small spear called “vel”. Although the tradition of perforation was relatively simple, and a small hole in the language created by the “spear” reminded to keep silence during meditation for many years after the Indians began to pierce different parts of the body, especially back, chest and face. But some believers went so far as to attach some hooks to the back and pull a heavily loaded cart passing through the streets or up the hill.

During the very popular three-day festival of Thaipusam, which in February is going more than one million people from India and Singapore. Tamils celebrate the birth of the God Murugan and his victory over evil spirit Surapadmanom, which Murugan stabbed with a spear. Peaks, sometimes reaching a length of 2 meters, attached to the head as a headdress or other decoration. Pierced with spears and lances religious Hindus take part in a festive procession, showing their devotion to God and asking about the fulfillment of their desires.

Lighting of vehicles

The consecration of the own vehicle may seem strange, however, this ritual is quite common in some parts of the world. The priest during the ceremony, a prayer and vpryskivat the car with Holy water, dispels on him Holy smoke, draws signs and symbols and decorated it with flowers, to protect the car from accidents.

In Thailand, Buddhist monks regularly sanctify new cars, bikes and even a Thai aircraft. The Philippines is considered a big success if the jeep or motorcycle is illuminated by a Catholic priest on Palm or Easter Sunday. Every week in Copacabana at lake Titicaca (Bolivia ) drivers adorn their cars, taxis and buses flowering garlands, wreaths and confetti, and then line up for the ceremony, “La Bendicion de Movilidades” (Light vehicle). After the priests complete mass lighting, auto owners are celebrating this event in the family with champagne and fireworks. USA. by the way, not the exception, in some States (California, Rhode island and new Jersey) are held every year a large ceremony at the consecration of the motorcycle drivers and their friends, in order to protect from accidents.

Tossing baby

For over 700 years in the Church of Grishneshwar that in the Northern Indian state of Maharashtra, parents are asked Church leaders to throw their baby to a height of 50 feet. Parents believe that after this ritual, their child will become smarter, braver, happier and healthier. Children aged 1-2 years thrown in the air with the tower, where in a free fall they land on the sheet, which is held by a few people at the bottom, and then quickly give into the hands languishing waiting parents.

Westerners and infidels Hindus observe a one day ritual, horrified by the ceremony, but it is quite a common phenomenon in some Indian villages, even among Muslims. Although the priests and say that has no child was hurt during the ritual, the authorities carefully working to cancel the custom because it is quite dangerous and may injure children, in addition, it is pathetic. All who are against the ban insist on religious freedom.

Hanging body parts out of wax

The hanging part of the body from the walls and ceiling of the Church in Salvador de bahía (Brazil ) is the collection of wax and plastic hands, feet, liver, heart, lungs, eyes, uterus and other internal organs. The Church Nossa-Senhor do Bonfim – the venue of the annual religious ceremonies and processions called Festa da Bonfim (“Good end”), when members dressed in traditional clothes, go to the service in the Church of conceição da Praia, and then 8 km climb up to the Church Bonfim in El Salvador.

On arrival parishioners wash steps and the square at the Church with songs and dances. The festival is very popular and usually gathers thousands of people from around the world. They say that this Church can heal, so in a Room of Wonders people post various parts of his body with wax or plastic together with your photos or photos of loved ones, asking in prayer to cure any disease, or thank you for the healing. To see how all these body parts hanging from the ceiling – a terrifying spectacle for the uninitiated, and so full of hope and gratitude.

Day of the dead

As the Americans and Canadians celebrate Halloween, Mexicans honor the memory of the dead, celebrating Day of the Dead. Family for months to prepare cookies, candies and cakes in the shape of skeletons, skulls, organs, coffins, crosses, altars and flowers, and collect all appropriate for the evening ceremony. The whole family visits the graves of deceased relatives, cleans them, ennobles, puts candles, laying flowers and gifts, all revere the memory of their ancestors. Then the family gathers at the cemetery for a night of partying, bringing meals, drinks of the deceased, photographs and other memorabilia, not to mention colors and decorations.

Gifts for the dead may include toys (for children), alcohol, food, pillows, blankets (so late it was comfortable “to sleep”), flowers or CDS with the favorite music of the deceased. Family members tell jokes, sing songs, drink, eat and celebrate life and death. The idea of a holiday is to appreciate the cyclical nature of life and entice the spirits of departed ancestors come down to earth on this night to pray to them or ask them about anything.

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