Tulip Festival in Holland

One of the highlights of spring for local residents and tourists for many decades, remains the Tulip festival in Holland. Every year the people of the Netherlands and those who once visited this country, looking forward to spring to see how this time will surprise their nature in cooperative “work” with talented florists and gardeners.

In the Netherlands generally like to spend and make a feast of colors, for example, the tradition of the festival of roses in Holland in a small village Lottum for almost a hundred years. Very “young” compared to him, he’s only 60 years old, looks flower festival, organized yearly in the fall in Aalsmeer, a town near Amsterdam. where is the world’s largest auction of flowers, and, of course, there is an annual Tulip festival.

In Holland during the flowering of their favorite flower, holidays, exhibitions and festivals tulips arranged in different places of the country, but the most ambitious, the most famous, the most significant and the most amazing Tulip festival — this is the flower parade, Bloemencorso, which satisfied here annually. This is a great show of colors on the scale, dynamics, brightness and emotional tension can only be compared to a carnival in Brazil.

Every year the festival organizers announce that this event will be more bright and colorful than the previous. And, most surprisingly, each year is exactly what happens. Although, it seems to be much better? However, none of the Tulip festival in Holland is not similar to its predecessor, each beautiful in their own way, but it is best to see this in person, just having been here.

Tulip parade in Holland — favorite holiday of the country’s inhabitants

If you decide to visit the festival of tulips in Holland, you need to plan well in advance. We need to think in advance about tickets and about his place of residence, as events such as the festival of tulips in Holland and the flower parade attracted thousands of tourists, and the availability of places in hotels quickly running out. In order to fully enjoy the holiday and to visit the many floral events in the Netherlands in April-may it is best to stay in Amsterdam.

But not only tourists from around the world come to Holland to see this extravaganza. The Dutch — the most active participants of the feast, they gladly take part in it, dress in costumes, decorate their houses and cars flower arrangements.

Locals proudly display your love for the colors and are pleased to give each his own warmth and joy from the events. Having been at the festival of tulips in Holland, you will see a very, very, really very many colors, but the main role, of course, reserved for the tulips.

The Dutch have created more than 6 thousand varieties of tulips. So say the tulips they not only grow, but singing, marching, and even dancing. The rapture of tulips here knows no bounds. In the world’s largest Park of flowers, Keukenhof, near Amsterdam, blooms every year 7 million tulips. But the most striking event in which “participate” tulips ” it is a Parade of Bloemencorso, the annual Tulip parade in Holland.

Every year at the end of April or in early may Flower Parade leaves the town of Nordveit to go for a 40 km route along the main roads of Holland and arrive in the afternoon in Harlem (Harlem). In the middle of the day Floral Parade passes through the Park of Keukenhof.

The route is organized enough seats for hundreds of thousands of spectators to be as close as possible to see the parade of tulips in Holland, people gather along the roadsides.

The procession consists of dozens of large mobile platforms and luxury cars, exclusively decorated with fresh flowers, a few brass bands. On the following day a Grand procession transformed into a huge exhibition in Haarlem, where the winner is selected by the mobile-floral decorations.

A costumed procession through the “trail of tulips” — the desired goal of tens of thousands of tourists.

The many faces of Amsterdam — the main town of tulips in Holland. The Tulip Museum in Amsterdam tells a great story of a flower

If the Netherlands — it ’s Kingdom tulips”, then, of course, the capital of this Kingdom and the city of tulips in Holland, voted unanimously to Amsterdam. For hundreds of years, Amsterdam is synonymous with windmills, bicycles and tulips, tulips, tulips. The Dutch, who are not shy once again demonstrate their worship of Tulip, have invented a new holiday — national Day of tulips.

Now every third Saturday of January the whole Dam square in Amsterdam — the main city of tulips of Holland — turns into a bright field of tulips. Day tulips mean the official opening of the Tulip season in Holland which will last from February to may. And everyone who comes on this day, the main square, can be absolutely free to pick your own bouquet of tulips and bring home a bit of spring.

In the Netherlands, of course, there is a Museum dedicated to tulips. Although this Museum is small in size, it presents an interesting exposition about the origin of the Tulip and its ‘life” in this country, about how the Netherlands has experienced “a Tulip mania” and the bulbs of these flowers saved people from starvation during the war.

The Tulip Museum in Amsterdam was founded and funded by a local company, which is engaged in the breeding of these themselves tulips. It is located in the Jordaan district just across the bridge near the House of Anne Frank.

Try to visit here, as in the Tulip Museum in Amsterdam for a small price you will get acquainted with one of the brightest pages of Dutch history, maybe a little peculiar, but important for the country. But in a small shop at the Museum you can buy Souvenirs and gifts.

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