Tourism is always a festival or holiday tourism

Who does not remember the spirits that covers the person preparing for the journey? Vacation, travel, new experiences, new encounters, new friends – all of this tourism.

Tourism day marking the end of the tourist season in the Northern hemisphere and the beginning – in the South. The holiday is celebrated in most countries of the world, tourist gatherings, celebrations and festivals.

Brightest holiday is celebrated in his home in the town of Torremolinos, in Spain, where the streets with parades in traditional costumes, the music, dance performances are held and a nightly show, theatrical performance involving horses. Celebrate everywhere — in the centre of the city, the beaches of Bajondillo, this one and Carihuela. Spaniards celebrated all tourists, due to which a small fishing town turned into a popular Spanish resort. This day is free to try traditional Spanish cuisine, such as grilled fish with wine, sangria, and a huge Spanish paella, which is served on the beach.

Guests of Madrid to this day look for the free trips and bouquets of daisies from dressed in the uniform of the flight attendants of girls standing on lawns. During the week in the main square of Madrid, especially for tourists, screens will be devoted to museums, transport, security and much more.

In Tahiti in honor of this momentous for the island festival passes festival of national cuisine, fair of folk crafts, sports competitions and other events, including a parade of decorated flowers carnival platforms. And be sure to put the traditional Maori marae – special construction for all kinds of ceremonies.

Within Days of the Paris Tourism authorities are fighting for increasing the level of loyalty of its citizens against the tourists. According to statistics, Paris – one of the most attractive places for tourists, but Parisians are at 52 in scale (from 60) friendliness. Now in celebration of the government produces hundreds of thousands of leaflets, urging Parisians to be more polite and friendlier. These leaflets are distributed to waiters, taxi drivers and other people who by the nature of their profession, it is very often communicate with tourists.

Residents of Vologda are trying to coincide with the Day of tourism the conquest of new tops. Last year, for example, was made the third attempt to reach the peak of Victory in the Tien Shan.

Bright holiday celebrated in Sochi. Because this city, like any resort, is a special holiday. The head of the city on this day traditionally held a welcome reception for heads of tourist organizations. Sports complexes and hotels are willing to offer their space to accommodate a variety of activities – from sports to competitions songs around the campfire.

In Ekaterinburg brighter just celebrate this day, of course, the tourist industry workers. For them, the city Administration and the Government of Sverdlovsk region gala event, where professionals not only congratulations, but also awarded certificates of merit for distinguished themselves this year in the tourism field.

Ural tourism Association also annually for 10 years, organizes bowling championship for the employees of travel agencies Ural region – professional day waiting for almost a year and celebrated with and sincere fun.

What was the beginning or a bit of history

On 5 July 1841, Thomas cook has opened the world’s first travel Agency. On this day, 33-year-old Baptist preacher and an active fighter against rampant in contemporary England drunkenness organized the world’s first tourist group “soft” trip, which went 570 workers. Was chosen the scenic route between the cities of Leicester and Loughborough in Leicestershire in Central England. That was the beginning of international tourism group.

31 years ago the global tourism community came up with the bright idea: “why not unite? Because together — more fun and easier!”. From then on planet earth the tourist industry workers do not feel alone and isolated.

World tourism day, English WorldTourismDay, — the international holiday established by the General Assembly of the world tourism organization in 1979 in the Spanish city of Torremolinos. The purpose of the festival — promotion of tourism, highlighting its contribution to the economy of the world community, the development of relations between peoples of different countries.

The date was chosen to coincide with an important milestone in world tourism: the anniversary of the adoption of the Mexico city Charter of the world tourist organization on September 27, 1970. The first paragraph of the Charter provides: “the Main purpose of the Organization is to promote tourism to contribute to economic development, international understanding, peace, prosperity and universal respect for and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms for all, without distinction as to race, sex, language and religion”. Since 1980, most countries celebrate tourism Day.

The world tourism organization proclaims the motto of the holiday each year:

2002 ” Ecotourism ” the key to sustainable development.

2003 — Tourism — a powerful factor in the struggle against poverty, create jobs and ensure social harmony.

2004 — Sport and tourism: two living forces for mutual understanding, culture and development of societies/

2005 — Travel and transport: from the imagination of Jules Verne to the reality of the XXI century.

2006 — Tourism enriches.

2009 — Tourism — the celebration of diversity.

Tourism on guard for biological diversity

The motto of the 2010 – tourism and biological diversity. The value of biodiversity for tourism is invaluable. One of the greatest assets of tourism, the diversity of life on Earth, has caused millions to travel the world every year. Nevertheless, the conservation of biodiversity, complex and unique species and ecosystems that make up our planet is under threat on a global scale. Demographic problems and the results of human activity are the cause of irreversible losses on planet Earth and is increasing at an alarming rate. Recognizing the value of natural capital of the Earth, the tourism industry aims to protect and promote the rational and sustainable use of biodiversity. The development of the tourism industry depends on “health” of the resource base, sustainable tourism development can increase the amount of funds spent on the conservation of sites of tourist interest and visits.

We have to do with it?

This festival is dedicated as an avid tourists and tourist industry workers, and anyone who has ever traveled. Perhaps none of the professional holiday this is not extensive “target audience”! Even in a philosophical sense we are only travelers in this World! And although the holiday, people of praise, think about the state of tourism in our region.

Tourism in Ivangorod seen better and worse times, but because it’s not so bad, not a lot of joy. The tourist potential of the area was not fully utilized. The development of water, event, recreational tourism is in its infancy. Hotel infrastructure, industry tourism power, orienting tourist information require development. Who, how and what can help in addressing these issues – the subject of discussions and developing action plans. Only we at home are able to make tourism a major source of wealth and saving to increase its tourism opportunities.

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