TOP 10 most beautiful cities in the world

Despite numerous surveys and polls, definitely be called the most beautiful city of the world impossible. Some are famous for their architecture, others — gorgeous nature, and others — a unique atmosphere. In addition, the concept of “beauty” is multifaceted, and criteria to determine the best city that does not exist. The ratings of the most beautiful cities in the world are many, from ordinary bloggers to famous magazine Forbes). They are all a bit subjective, but nevertheless there are a number of cities, which is often called the most beautiful in the world.

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The most beautiful cities in the world (according to Forbes)

The editors of Forbes magazine tried to approach this issue objectively and interviewed many designers, engineers, architects and professionals involved in urban planning. As a result, were named the 10 most beautiful cities in the world.

TOP 10 beautiful cities in the world

First on the list was the London — the heart of Britain, the city of rain and fog. The rain drizzle almost every day, but people are in good spirits and always welcome. Tourists arriving in London, in a hurry to see the main sights of the city: the clock tower of big Ben, third in the world in height, the tower of London and tower bridge, which became the symbols of London and the country as a whole, the Buckingham Palace and its elegant gardens. There are many parks and cafes, on a Friday night they are lively, but by Sunday evening it all calms down.

On second place is Paris, city of love and romance, the most brilliant on the planet . It is beautiful at any time of the year, so it attracts millions of tourists. But not in order to “see Paris and die”, and to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the city, admire its shady boulevards, unique architectural structures. Those who visited here at least once, will never forget the Versailles and the Champs-elysées, Eiffel tower and arc de Triomphe, the world-famous Louvre Museum and the legendary Disneyland — everything that has long been considered symbols of the country. But Paris — it is also the capital of the fashion world: there are upscale shops and restaurants. Well than not the reason to visit here and see the beauty in person!

In third place in the Forbes list is Sydney . About this Australian city in the world to know after there were the Olympic games 2000. It is located in the Bay of Port Jackson and is a real tourist Paradise. Wildlife the green continent peacefully coexists with what is created by human hands. On the window ledges of skyscrapers in the city center it is common to see parrots and the skyscrapers perfectly match with Victorian times. Tourists tend here to relax on the Golden beaches, to see how jacaranda blossoms, to see the sights of the city (Sydney Opera house, in which more than 1,000 rooms, or arch bridge in the World).

Continues the list of the most beautiful cities in new York . He is considered a city of great expectations, he attracts with his spirit of freedom and diversity opportunities. Thanks to its political and economic significance of the city is called the capital of the world. The metropolis with its geometric beauty, the skyscrapers of glass and concrete, amazing views of Manhattan, a unique theaters and concert halls not leave anyone indifferent. Here everyone will find something of interest: museums, theatres, parties of the Bronx, a program of the Metropolitan Opera, walking down Broadway or Fifth Avenue.

Top most beautiful cities in the world could not do without Rome . This is a very old city, he witnessed the rise and fall of the greatest civilization on the planet. However Rome forever young. To explore this city, where all roads lead, you will spend weeks, because there are a lot of monuments: the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Trajan forum, the tomb of Raphael, Imperial palaces, baths, temples, churches. Those who are not attracted to multiple ruins, waiting for the charming promenades, excellent restaurants, an active nightlife.

The most beautiful city in the world in 2014 was recognized and Barcelona. How they call it: proud, selfish, clubsoda. Barcelona — this is the sea, sun, good mood, bicycles, irrepressible energy Given incredible Gaudi architecture, extravagant outfits LGBT community, endless parties and of the river of sangria. To list all the sights of Barcelona is impossible, all you need only to see.

In seventh place in the list, which includes the most beautiful cities in the world, is another Australian city — Melbourne . This cultural and sporting centre of Australia, where the tennis Championships and «Formula 1″, festivals and carnivals, is distinguished by its unique architecture. Among the most famous attractions of Melbourne aquarium, Museum and Melbourne zoo, state library of Victoria. Melbourne is able to please people with different requests, no wonder he is considered the most comfortable for living.

The eighth city in the Forbes list is Berlin. Name all the sights and attractions of Berlin is quite difficult. This is a very lively, cheerful and welcoming. Young people here prefer local clubs, where you can enjoy the most fashionable parties, originate new styles, movements, and subcultures. Older people attracted to shopping in Berlin — the quantity and quality of local shopping malls are famous all over the continent. Enjoy your stay in Berlin will be able and lovers of art: the collections of the Berlin museums here is beyond praise.

Amsterdam — this is another city that is worthy of the nomination “the most beautiful city of the world”. So attractive it makes the combination of the atmosphere of the XVII century and mentality of the big city. In no other European capital there are so many attractions on 1 km2. Famous for Amsterdam and its nightlife, there is even permitted to trade soft drugs. In the city there are many institutions? small, cozy, modern. Will enjoy the city to its guests and excellent food.

Completing the top ten beautiful cities in the world Madrid. He is one of the most popular tourist cities. Hot, interesting, funny, he emerged on the world map even in ancient times. Here is something to see, museums in Madrid a lot. And yet there are made very tasty wine.

Other beautiful cities that are not included in the TOP 10

The list is long. It will certainly need to include Italian pearl Florence, ultra-modern Dubai, Sunny Rio de Janeiro, world capital of surfing in Cape town, frozen in water Venice.. Each of them has that unique charm that makes you race to the edge of the world, to once again walk the streets of the beloved city.

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