Theme party Secretary’s Day

What we celebrate: Any holiday office worker. For example, can celebrate Secretary’s Day . Official Secretary’s Day in Russia, but traditionally this holiday is celebrated on the third Friday of September.

Or you can celebrate the Day of an accountant . which is too informal and is celebrated on November 21. By the way, on the same day celebrating workers Day of the tax authorities . Our script party perfect for the celebration of the professional day of any professionals working with documents and sitting out in the office.

And another party under this scenario it is possible to arrange in honor of graduation . After all, a well-known adage that without papers you are a small insect, and with a piece of paper. The diploma is one of those pieces of paper, or different “crusts” that contribute to the improvement of the status of the person.

So, celebrate the professional holiday “specialist dokumentooborota” ( Secretary’s Day . Day accountant, etc.) or obtaining any cherished papers.

As we celebrate

1. The theme and name of the party

How to celebrate a diploma or day office worker? Theme party, of course! What? Paper! Themed paper party – it really can be fun!

Interior. Decorate the interior, of course, paper. Walls can cover up Newspapers, magazine pages, forms, paper fans.

From the ceiling to hang the balls from Newspapers, paper lanterns, flags and streamers (instructions for making some paper balls you will find in our article “Paper Christmas decorations ” – you only need to use instead of colored paper Newspapers and magazines, and the size to do more).

A few old magazines cut into small squares, put the paper in a clear glass dish and decorate her tables. For decoration you can use paper strips from the paper shredder.

Also use for decoration of numerous origami, made, for example, sheets of notebook. In General, the decoration paper party cost is very cheap, and you can easy make it.

The dishes on the tables, you can only use disposable paper. Or take the usual dishes, but to put on the table a paper wildcard elements for plates and utensils for beverages.

Dress code. If this party is in honor of the day of an office worker, can be defined dress code: come in anything but white collar is mandatory. At the entrance all guests invite paper elements of the dress code: let the guest choose or headgear of newspaper or a paper flower on a pin, or paper beads (from round paper balls, strung on a thread).

3. The event

In the beginning you need to raise a glass to the heroes of the occasion: for office plankton in General, secretaries in particular or over who received a diploma – it all depends on the occasion on which paper is arranged a party.

While the guests eat and get in the rhythm of the party, you can invite them to call in a circle the most important in our life paper and to justify their choice. And to repeat, of course, impossible. Well, when the degree of mood rises, you can move on to paper entertainment.

4. Entertainment, games, contests

1. The game “Sweet garland”

Divide the participants into 2-3 groups of 2-3 people. To give each group a large package of candy in wrappers and stapler. Task: bond candy stapled to the chain. Given a strictly limited time. Whose garland is longer, that group is declared the winner. The resulting garlands can be immediately and hang on.

2. The game “man of note”

Called a few people, everyone is given a large block of sticky notes. Team leader participants begin to glue the pieces on. Who is faster will paste all of his sheets, and he wins.

3. The Game “The Mummy”

Engaged couple M+Zh Girls is issued at the wide roll of toilet paper or paper towels. Young men standing at attention. Team lead girls begin to wrap young people toilet paper. Winner is a couple, roll faster which will be fully unwound, and the mummy, respectively, covered.

Put several participants on the same line, will issue all the same paper planes of different colors. Participants launch the airplanes. The participant whose airplane will fly farther, gets 1 point. To launch airplanes many times. Wins the one who will ultimately score more points.

5. Paper-beer relay

The extreme competition is weak to alcohol should offer to samolikvidirovatsja. The others split into two teams. The game is sitting at the table. Next to each of the leading teams puts on a big bottle of beer (1.5-2 liters). You can take any other than spirits. Also, the master issues each team packing office paper. Participants rolled up paper bags, fill them up with beer, and drink immediately, crumpling, throw away the bag. Then rolls up a new bag and etc. the winning team is faster paronella a beer bottle (or several bottles).

Well, after the games, it is possible to arrange dances with fire from crackers with confetti and tossing streamers and shredded paper that served as decoration.

What to treat paper party?

For example, a snack “Envelopes”

Appetizer “Documents”

We will need:

Cooking. Grate the cheese on a grater, add the chopped garlic and the chopped herbs. Pitas cut into squares approximately 15 by 15 cm In the center of each pita to put a small portion of the cheese filling, then fold the pita envelope and lightly fry in butter until Golden brown.

Crazy fun you paper party! We wish well to celebrate a graduation or other important papers and full off, marking the Day, Secretary or other office worker!

Theme party Secretary's Day
What we celebrate: Any holiday office worker. For example, can celebrate Secretary's Day . Official Secretary's Day in Russia, but traditionally this holiday is celebrated on the third Friday of…

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