The time of carnivals

In mid-February in the world comes from a series of colorful, elegant and extremely fun carnivals held literally all over the world – each country, even each town there is a picturesque, characteristic festival.

Where did the carnivals – to this question yet no one could give a definite answer. Options, however, many, because, according to some, the carnival has its origins in Ancient Egypt. others believe that it originated in the era when the Roman Empire reached its maximum prosperity. However, all are unanimous in the opinion that the carnivals are one of the most brilliant and extremely popular holidays on Earth. attracting hundreds of thousands and even millions of tourists from all.

RIA Novosti has made a rating. which included the TOP 10 most popular carnivals of the world.

The palm from Rio!

First place in the ranking of the TOP 10 from RIA Novosti is known throughout the world, probably the most hazardous and the most fun carnival in Rio de Janeiro. For perhaps the most famous in the world of Brazilian carnival opens carnival season, a characteristic chariots, masks, lots of colors, music, and of course myself “sauce” festival – and igniting erotic dance Samba. Several thousand people go through the sambadrome, surrounded by a large number of Brazilians and tourists who come to Rio from many countries.

And about the scale of the most famous festival in the world is the fact that each year it is visited by at least five million people, including tourists, whose number exceeds one million.

Preparations for the festival is also not weak, because it lasts a few months. During this time, the Samba schools prepare participants of the carnival procession, which eventually could muster five thousand, And the result of hard work and training are evident from year to year – the festival guests leave Rio with unforgettable impressions, they are full of positive emotions.

Venice carnival

Another unique masterpiece of world carnival movement certainly is the Venetian carnival, occupies the second position in the ranking. It is a world of masks and costumes of different historical times, and of course the scenery in the background of the channels representing traceuse sight. If in Rio, they are constantly changing, at the carnival of Venice medieval rites of year again.

Ten days of the festival – this world of glamour and sophistication. Have plenty to choose from: parades in masks on St. Mark’s square, the magnificent balls, organized in public and private buildings. And of course, as festivalit, not having ridden on the famous Venetian gondolas.

Carnival in the Bolivian city of Oruro on the third position of the ranking!

Almost unknown to Europeans carnival, held in the city of Oruro (Bolivia), actually one of the most spectacular and original carnivals on the planet! This is evidenced by the announcement by UNESCO in 2001, according to which the carnival in Oruro – inviolable heritage of humanity! This carnival has a mixed religious-pagan character, and he combines in himself the old Spanish and Indian traditions.

When a carnival and give praise Pachamama (Pachamama) and the mother of God, which is the patroness of miners. She dedicated the whole dances and processions. During the festival, tourists have the opportunity to see how the struggle between the forces of good and evil, gambling and dance, having African American ancestry. The carnival will take part both young and older generation.

On the fourth place ranking RIA Novosti is similar in nature carnival in Barranquilla. in 2003 UNESCO declared heritage of mankind. A feature of this four-day carnival is that it is directly immersed in the colors, full of theatrical performances, which take part of the chariot, dance groups and musical ensembles. Of particular importance to the carnival this year is taking because the city celebrates the bicentennial anniversary of education.

Also the world famous Mardi Gras carnival (the”Fat Tuesday”) organized every year in New Orleans. He took fifth place ranking TOP 10. The carnival opens for us a picture characteristic of America in the early eighteenth century – the first is the French influence, the colors symbolizing justice, faith and power – purple, green and gold. Carnival begins on January 6th and lasts a few weeks, and is accompanied by a magnificent parade of chariots, and masquerades, and of course baking huge cakes. The climax of the carnival is the “Fat Tuesday” (Mardi Gras) – a day when the city’s streets saturated with people in carnival costumes, accompanied by famous guests, throwing the audience necklaces and Souvenirs.

No exception to the carnival of cities and also the magnificent capital of the French Riviera – nice, worn on solemn outfit to the city plunged into a celebration filled with exquisite taste, rich in entertainment. The carnival in nice, originating in the late nineteenth century, is the biggest winter event on the French Riviera. During the carnival the streets are filled with marching decorated with flowers next to a huge chariots of brass bands and the living doll Carnival in 2013, the duration of which will be about three weeks, intends to assert his universal nature, because the theme of the carnival spans five continents!

In the last weekend of August takes place the carnival in Notting hill, which originated at the initiative of the Jamaican immigrants in the sixties of the twentieth century. Carnival keeps the great atmosphere of the Caribbean, including beautiful jewelry made of feathers, typical of southern latitudes clothes, in sharp contrast with the landscape of this area of London. Largely due to the open nature, carnival is the largest carnival in Europe and in the world’s second largest after Brazil. A feature of this carnival is the fact that to participate invite people from all over the world!

Tenerife is also famous for its carnival in the whole world. This carnival, as well as held in Cadiz, declared a festival of international scale in the field of tourism, and seeks to become the heritage of mankind. Inhabitants of the Canary Islands are great organizers of such great events. At the carnival can be found chariots, men in masks, and fun, mixed with jokes and irony.

During carnivals is particularly true wit, sense of humor and cheerfulness of the inhabitants of the city of Cadiz, carnival in which actually prepares the entire city. Conducted in 2013 for the umpteenth time in the Theatre named after Manuel de Falla competition of musical quartets, ditties and choirs of great interest to tourists coming to Cadiz from many countries.

In the Catalan town of Sitges (Sitges) carnival with a duration of one week is held under the slogan: “During carnival everything is permitted”, he usually opens a satirical reading of notes. A special feature of the carnival is the so-called “the Road of rampant”.

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