The Scenario is the anniversary of 50 years to the man

The fiftieth anniversary is the perfect date for any representative of the stronger sex. This is the age when a man already has a clear position in life and many achievements.

Nevertheless, ahead of he still has many happy years and ambitious plans, which he will undoubtedly embody. Such holiday shall be marked in a special way that will long remain in the memory of the birthday boy and all the guests who shared with him the joy.

Pleasant chores: how to prepare and where to spend the festive event

Depending on the time of year and nature of the birthday, a festive evening can be arranged in the house of the hero of the occasion, a cafe or restaurant or even outdoors.

In any case, such things should be taken care of in advance, at the last moment to not have to accept what is, instead make a conscious choice of the most appropriate site.

In addition, it is mandatory to prepare a script of jubilee for 50 year old male, as banal gatherings at the table – not the best option, which, moreover, is quickly bored.

Thus, you need to prepare that evening was a truly memorable experience. There are many original scripts for the 50th anniversary of men who will raise the sense of celebration to a new level.

Jubilee evening in the company of loved ones

If the birthday boy has an active position in life, surely he will enjoy an evening filled with contests, fun and jokes.

Especially nice when the event all participants are actively involved.

Host says: Our esteemed and beloved hero of the day! On this solemn day on Your holiday relatives came and the closest people who want to Express their respect, love and the joy of a warm relationship.

What we need anniversaries?

You say, away, quickly!

Will all dance and have fun,

Anyone not stay in place!

Everyone had come to say kind words and congratulate hero of the day.

Host: indeed, it is clear that here are the most close people. Tell me, dear guests, how well do you know the hero of the occasion? Here right now and find out whether this is so!

If you know of a celebrant?

Who will answer correctly to the question – I immediately handed him a piece of candy (or any item). The one who in the end will be most sweets, will receive the Grand prize from the birthday.

The names of the parents of the celebrant?

First car birthday? Maybe someone would call a license plate?

Baptized if our dear (name of celebrant)? Who’s godparents?

What was our man at birth (weight and height)?

What time was born this beautiful baby?

What was the surname of the wife of the birthday boy before the wedding?

In what foreign countries have visited the celebrant?

What school the hero of the occasion went to the first class?

What is your favorite drink at the birthday?

During football, sick man?

Where he met his fate?

From which food refuse, even being very hungry?

Birthdays kids birthday? (if any).

The size of the shoes?

What razor man prefers to shave?

Favorite song?

Of course, after this issue turns on a song that is very popular with the birthday boy.

Especially effective option would be to prepare in advance minus the songs and remake the words in the theme of the holiday. In the performance reviews that will be a real masterpiece.

Count the candy, and then the winner of the celebrant presents the prize (this can be, for example, frame for photo or album autographed by the birthday boy).


Interviewer: so guests know the birthday, which is very pleasing. Then, probably no one will make it difficult to compose in his honor poems? Now I will hand out cards with rhyming, and you will be required to show the poetic gift (as rhyming, you can use a combination of “hero – box”, “birthday alarm” and so on).

After a few minutes the guests themselves or the facilitator will read all that I wrote “poets”. The number of applause elect leaders and handed them valuable medals (“a Poet from God,” “the assistant to the poet,” “the Unbeatable the rhymer” and so on).

Interviewer: I remember, among us there are real singers! Well, I’d be a fool not to use it.

Fiery competition of chastooshkas.

You will need:

Minus one music for the rhymes

The “magic” wand.

Cards with ditties (optional).

The presenter passes the baton to someone else. Turn on the music. Everyone who sang a ditty, passes the baton to the next. You can perform their own ditties. To add more excitement is possible to establish a prize for the best ditty and for artistry.

When all the guests napoetes enough, the presenter gives them medals (“the Golden voice, was singing in a choir”, “natural Born artist” and so on).

Interviewer: and then we have – just a storehouse of talent. Singing can be heard, and even poetry reading Pushkin’s just resting! Interestingly, While the dancers are with us? Who hasn’t awarded the medal?

Dance in honor of the birthday boy

The participants become the face for the guests who will choose the winner.

The music begins to sound. Everyone is dancing. Then he says that feet are “frozen” so you can dance exclusively upper body. Spectacle becomes quite funny. However, the cunning worker, this is not enough, so he declares that it is now grown all over the body to the shoulders.

Yet after some time comes the climax, when the participants “freezes” all except the face. Very interesting look usually dancing lips, eyebrows and cheeks. Of course, the winner gets a medal “Mega dancer”.

Festive fun contests

“Sweetheart, you do it”?

Very fun contest, which will help to check the birthday child for care. You will need:

Some volunteers.

Dark bandage.

A great mood.

So, the celebrant is blindfolded, after which it needs, only touching hands participating in the competition, to find his wife or beloved. Every time a man confident of success, he should say a few compliments, after which the bandage is removed. For even more fun the first few times the wife of the birthday boy may not participate in the “casting”.


The contestants are split into pairs. Each pair stands separately. Volunteers lead to different rooms so they could not overhear each other. One of the cast say they must portray a tired man, which a friend at three in the morning trying to Wake up to go for a beer.

Other, respectively, will portray a faithful friend, who is struggling to Wake up friend, in whose house he found a gas leak.

Participants in pairs come out on the “stage” and thunderous laughter of the audience play every role.So nice to organize a holiday party is not difficult.

All that is required for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of man’s good humor, savvy guests and a little imagination, which will help to breathe a bit of magic in every action.

You should always remember that men are adult children, so all unusual and original will give them a lot of fun no matter how many man years – twenty or fifty.

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