The Most unusual ways to celebrate New year

The worst enemy of the winter holidays – platitude. At first glance it may seem that you’ve tried everything: celebrated in the Guesthouse, the restaurant, in the country, at home with parents, with a bowl of salad in front of the TV. You can, of course, and to repeat the past, but always want something new, magical and amazing. Still, the New year.

What can you do?

To celebrate the New year in suit snow Maiden . You will not only be the center of attention, feel the need, desirable and beautiful. Can offer your servants to the Agency that organizes holidays. Every year they have a shortage of actors willing to play that role in the noisy company. Coat, shawl, and boots will make any woman this maiden. And under the red coat and beard of Santa Claus may be hiding a real Prince!

On the train or bus or plane . In celebration of this being addressed or adventurers or people who will of fate found themselves in a difficult situation – in any case will not be bored. A lot of jokes, champagne, fun and laughter in the circle of new friends. I think ladies are familiar with the so-called “passenger syndrome” which encourages people to revelation with strangers? Enjoy the moment, but do not believe the confessions!

In the dormitory . This is a great option for those who want to combine budget travel and holiday. In youth hotels and hostels – prefer to stay unpretentious, but very greedy fans of extreme relaxation, adventure, and fellowship around the world. New year in the Dorm, this is a unique chance to make new friends: Japanese, Portuguese, Indians, Irish. You will be able to expand the horizons of communication and to celebrate the new year in extravagant company. The most important thing to be able to converse in English.

At the rink . Good idea for those people who know how to ride and love romance. In the capital of our country has several rinks. To celebrate the new year you will need a standalone recording system, time mix of your favorite tunes, as well as several CDs of “new” songs. Do not forget about the surroundings and about a good cheerful mood. Bring the champagne and ring in the New year on the ice!

Ski . “It’s not technology has come, and I myself came here. Skiing” – so said my mother, Uncle Fedor on new year’s night. This is a very exotic, but very trendy option to go with a loved one or family to a ski resort or in the suburbs. You will meet new year at speed, sliding down from a high slope in the Shine of silver spray.

In a fairy tale . It’s a great idea for a large and cheerful company. You will need: a cottage or a large house, a chest of old things, a package of Christmas tinsel, toy guns, sparklers. This can be a tale book or invented in a joint effort and definitely cards with different roles – pink glitter for girls and blue for boys. On all cards need to write the name of any character from a fairy tale, the names of his enemies and friends. The goal is to remove the snow Maiden hat or not to allow the Warlock to steal the Christmas tree. The beginning and the end of the game are determined by the sound, all players choose a card, change clothes and start to play. After a fun and exciting game to all sit down at the table and will be fun to discuss all your adventures.

Under water . Russian divers, as well as their colleagues dressed up under water Christmas tree, are invited to visit the snow maiden, lead a merry dance on the bottom of the sea, river or lake. It’s a mixed pleasure, especially if the Christmas tree and all the guests down to the bottom of the hole, but wanting more than enough. If you want thrills, then definitely take a chance.

Alone . If you have no one to celebrate the New year, you recently broke up with a guy, divorced or had a fight with my best friend is very sad. Some are going to celebrate the New year with strangers, the main thing that any. Most women are pathologically afraid of loneliness. They can’t feel all the charms of selfishness. This is a great opportunity to arrange a holiday for myself. Do everything as you want, buy yourself something you have been dreaming of.

Prepare a favorite dish, turn on your favorite song, book snow maiden and father Frost. Can order a taxi and take a ride on the night Moscow. Visit friends and acquaintances, to personally present them with gifts. You don’t have to adjust ourselves to anyone, upset, worry that no one appreciated your insanely expensive dress, new hair color or original salad. Don’t think you are alone, you just self-sufficient. Of course, over time it can be very annoying, but to risk one.

Santa’s Sleigh

New year travel is the best option for those who want to change their lives. Don’t forget, as you year meet, so spend it. Well, that all the borders are open and you can go to any country. How to make the right choice?

Egypt . if we do not take into account the starved sharks, then this is the most budget and most popular choices for a holiday by the seaside. Fun at the hotel, music, animators, countrymen, pleasant and mild climate and the ticket is always $ 300 / person for 7 days.

In Yalta is not as warm as a Sunny Turkey, but is much more elegant. The snow on the tops of the palm trees Christmas lights on magnolias, sea birds walk along the waterfront, a bit of nostalgia for Soviet romance and then no problems with the language. There are also disadvantages, a week-long trip without a road will cost you about $ 500.

In Prague it is advisable to go on Christmas day. At this time the city is fabulously beautiful, the feeling that you are in a fairy tale. The Windows of many Souvenirs, cafes and restaurants exquisite menu. The Czechs are very hospitable and happy people. For lovers, dreamers and photographers Prague is a Paradise, and then only 450 euros for the tour.

Sydney is a city on the other side of the Earth, Australia is a country of kangaroos, rabbits and savages. New year’s eve there arrange the grandest fireworks display in the world. If you want to visit this country, you would have to pay about 4500 dollars.

The new year celebrations in Rio de Janeiro cannot be forgotten – this unique, incredibly beautiful city. Hundreds of thousands of small boats with gifts for the goddess of the sea, which in the new year night send Brazilians. This is a huge statue of Christ, salsa on the sandy beach. As the saying goes 100 times better to see than to hear. The trip will cost $ 4,000, plus the cost of the gifts and holiday.

New year Paris is the best place for the lady that wants to make a Grand shopping experience. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the capital, it is better to go to Paris in September or April. The best time for shopping – Christmas week. Pay $ 700, and Paris will be at your feet.

Options where you can celebrate the New year, a huge amount. A true lady knows that no matter where and with whom. We wish you to celebrate 2011 for a circle of relatives and friends. The joy and love that will give you the most expensive you people will make even the most modest meal memorable.

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