The Most unusual national holidays

Now, when people already celebrated St. Patrick’s day, and Easter is still quite far away, many may already be a bit boring and they already count the days until the next holiday, whether it is a national holiday, religious or simply a big day a personal calendar. But if you did not wait to find a reason to celebrate something, here are a few ideas how to fill every besprazdnichnyiy week.

If you ask for, you can find a holiday for every day. Why not? We tried to find the most bizarre national holidays around the world and made of them the best rating. For lovers of Halloween and Easter eggs here are all salted herring to the candies in the shape of a skull. Here you will find everything from local to national celebrations, and more will discover many interesting traditions of different countries. We honestly tried to find something in January, but it turned out that this is the most boring month of the year, mainly known for its new year sales.

10. February 5: national day meteorologist

Last year in the United States began to celebrate the Day of the meteorologist, which is designed to meteorologists around the world. This date was chosen because it is the Birthday of the famous American observer of the weather, John Jeffries, who was the founder of the weather in 1744. Now the main event of this festival is to showcase the best moments from the weather forecast for the year. So if you ever watched a compilation of forecasts on YouTube, this holiday is your.

9. March 14: Day Steak and Blowjob

This event may already be in the shadow of St. Patrick’s Day, which is celebrated three days later, however, on this day, men celebrate their holiday. Holiday name speaks for itself: it is important the meat, well, girls. Originally, this holiday was invented in opposition to Valentine’s Day, which has become almost women’s day, men, too, want.

8. The first Sunday in April: Kanamara Matsuri or Festival of the penis

On the first Sunday of April, residents of the Japanese town of Komaki congratulate the men and celebrate their masculinity. Everything revolves around the festival of fertility, which is also associated with men as successors of the kind. Thanks phallic symbolism, the festival attracts many tourists for many years. So after a day of steak and Blowjob something to strive for.

7. May 24: Day Bermuda

There are many reasons for the desire to live in Bermuda: sun, sea, sand, slow and measured period of life, and in honor of all this and there is this festival: may 24 – the day when you have to wear something to represent Bermuda, and by the greater part of this Bermuda shorts. The Islands don’t particularly care about the appearance, so wear shorts almost everywhere: from the beach to business meetings. So if in this time of the year where you are, quite warm, don’t deny yourself the pleasure to celebrate this day.

6. 21 June: Midsummer

Traditional festival Mid-summer, or Midsummer’s day, is celebrated in many places, but more well-known this holiday in Scandinavia. On June 21, residents of all regions of Sweden wearing traditional costumes, put on the table in the fresh air, usually they put the herring, berries and booze. For those wishing to dance pole pitch. Women decorate their hair with flowers. But the most important thing here to eat well, to drink and dance. If you have not realized what was happening, have a look at this banned ads IKEA.

5. August 12: Melon Day

This rather strange holiday is celebrated in Turkmenistan. For a long time, this fruit is grown in this country, it is used not only as a tasty treat, but even as a medicine. Turkmens are proud of their melons in the country and reward the best melon farmer. This festival is really so popular that it has spread to neighboring Tajikistan, but here, in addition to melon’s important to the honey, so true melon festival belongs to Turkmenistan.

4. August 21: Bolas de Fuego

Second, the August festival, Bolas de Fuego, is held annually in the city of Nejapa in El Salvador. For neisvengiamai the public, this festival can be translated as Balls of Fire, and it happened since the eruption in 1658, which threw balls of fire into the sky. Residents of Nejapa annually commemorate this anniversary, turning the sky a gathering of fireballs: cloth impregnated with an inflammable composition, then ignite and scatter throughout the city. Although it can be dangerous, the authorities turn a blind eye, because the festival for 300 years, and it’s so fun.

3. 20-25 September: Day of the Blessed Rain

If you happen to live in a country where rain is a frequent phenomenon, as, for example, butane, you most likely understand them, because in September the Bhutanese celebrate the day of the sun. In Bhutan, the rainy season lasts quite long and when it ends, the people of this country celebrate the Blessed Rain. At this time all the water in the country is considered sacred, people often intentionally trying to wet outside to be cleansed of all negativity. At this festival there is no exact date, at least according to the Western calendar, but the Bhutanese are guided by the lunar calendar, as well as their neighbours in Tibet. This day is a national holiday, all official buildings are closed.

2. November 1: Day of the Dead

The strangest festival from our list – Day of the Dead – known for its colorful costumes and a variety of festivities. Similar holidays exist in many countries, plus they even existed in pagan times. What distinguishes this Latin American Day of the Dead is the fact that everything here is very fun. Among the attributes is very common to see skulls and other Gothic differences. Colorful costumes, parades and processions are held all day, you should visit if you want to be amazed at the riot of colors.

1. 6 November: the Day Obama

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