The Most unusual festivals of the world

Each country has its own holidays and traditions, sometimes very bizarre! I would like to share with You the most, in my opinion, the brightest of them.

Monkey Banquet (Monkey Buffet in Lopburi province, Thailand — the annual feast of the apes, which is organized people.

How’s it going? Approximately 600 monkeys are invited to the table to enjoy a sumptuous lunch consisting entirely of fruit and vegetable variety.

Features. Such a feast is arranged in honor of the God Rama. According to the legend, he won many victories over their opponents, supported by an army of monkeys.

Fire festival Burgsonndeg in Luxembourg — pagan fire festival.

How’s it going? On the streets ignited the countless fires, welcome Spring and the birth of the new Sun.

Features. The number 13 is associated with the traditional Sabbat thirteen witches, and the number 3 is a powerful magical number. Therefore, the festival is held on the 13th day of the 3rd month.

Festival of colors (The Festival of Colors in new Delhi, India — Indian festival of spring, the rebirth of life and the expulsion of evil.

How’s it going? The celebrations begin on the full moon and continue for two days. The act of driving away the evil symbolized by a fire which kindle these days in every city. According to the legend, on this day died the evil demon Holika, so the fires burned an effigy of the Holika, which symbolizes the destruction of evil and the end of winter. Also throw into the fire the seasonal fruit harvest.

Features. The most interesting part of the festival begins the next morning the people go outside and pour water on each other, painted in different colors: yellow, blue, red, green, black… or throw at each other with colored powders.

Tomatina (Tomatina) in the village of buñol, Spain — the famous “tomato battle” and one of the most popular festivals in Spain. Annually attended by about 36 thousand people.

How’s it going? In one place delivered nearly 100 tons of ripe tomatoes and begins the “slaughter” — can throw in anything important before that a good stretch of the tomatoes to avoid injury.

Features. In tomato “fights without rules” there are prohibitions, but they are minimal — you cannot rush something else, except the tomatoes and tear the opponent’s clothes. At the end of “tomato battle” area is watered with water from the hose, and the participants go to bathe in specially designed showers or river.

Holiday Nude Naked Mens’ Festival) in Japan — Hadak Matsuri or just a celebration of naked people. Traditionally celebrated with a 767.

How’s it going? For the wedding party be given a temple Saidaji. There are going 3000 men, aged 23 to 43 years of age, dressed in some loincloths. In the temple men undergo a rite of purification, and then go on the streets of the city. The Japanese have long since there is a belief that a naked man if to touch him, takes all the failures and misfortunes. Therefore, during the procession, the men allow everyone who wants to touch himself.

Features. The festival takes place in February, it’s cold outside, so participants drink a lot of sake to warm up and gain the courage to go outside in the buff.

The Summer Redneck Games in Georgia, USA — an annual festival that includes Competitions pluginu in liquid clay (Mud Pit Belly Flop).

How’s it going? Participants flops in liquid mud weight under the joyful screams of the fans, trying to make a splash, flying “into the stands”. This “pouring” is called “clay rain” and causes the greatest delight of an audience.

Marsh Zombie March in Boston — the feast of the living dead sample clip of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, which was released in 1983.

How’s it going? Participants to dress like a zombie, the living dead and other strange creatures. They go outside, allegedly in search of his victims. Particularly prevalent fashion of dress on this day in bloody wedding suits and rubber masks. Features. Taken to represent the living dead, copying the movements of Michael and other participants in the “Thriller” video.

Tapati (Tapati Festival on Easter Islands, Chile is an ancient festival of ancestor worship.

How’s it going? On this day, the islanders choose for yourself and loved ones with special clothes and dress up in them, then arrange large scale dances. In addition, competitions in the run — and men and women run the race with bunches of bananas in his hands.

Features. Holiday leads the Queen, chosen before the beginning of the fun. The Queen should be not only beautiful, but also hard work. She selected the jury, composed of elders. Wise elders serious approach to business, to the extent that count how many fish are caught contender or how many paintings she has Nadal.

Ophelia (Up-Helly-Aa) in Scotland — the feast of the veneration of the ancient traditions of the Northern warlike tribes.

How’s it going? The festival is traditionally held in the town of Lerwick, the inhabitants erected a 30-foot model of a Viking ship. On the bow of the ship definitely needs to show off the dragon, and the locals dress up in clothing of the Vikings, lit the torches and carry the ship through the city to the sea, constantly trumpeting in traditional military bugles. When they reached the coast in the evening, the whole procession burns the ship on the shore, throwing at him 900 torches. The tradition of burning a ship originates from the ancient rite of the burial of the dead soldiers.

Features. There is a strict number of participants performing different roles. For example, the ship itself carries a squad of 40 soldiers-Viking. They are followed by all participants — they are traditionally recruited about 900 people.

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