The funniest holidays.

The famous Oktoberfest left quite a bit. And beer lovers in a hurry to buy a tour to Germany . Since October 12, 1810, more and more tourists are discovering this quaint festival. Not only beer lovers and fans of noisy companies, but also those who want to feel part of the custom of celebrating, buying tours to Germany for Oktoberfest .

But it is not only the original holiday that exists in the world. Them, believe me, is enough in each side.

Party “Full moon” . On the Thai island Koh Pangan celebrate the full moon so that the whole Ibiza jealous. And 10,000 tourists can confirm this. So many fans come to hang out more than once a year and on a full moon. Which, as you know, it happens every month. And anyway, this holiday is initially associated with tourists, as it is considered here for the first time organized a birthday celebration on a full moon sometime in the 80s. And then, from year to year more and more tourists decide to relax in Thailand at the full moon.

Of course, here you are unlikely to meet Housewives and approximate girls, Golden youth, celebrities and businessmen. Musicians, artists, young writers, dancers, DJs and many other artists are going on the island. The progressive sounds of music fill the atmosphere. If you read or watched “the Beach”, here it is the very Paradise on earth. As in the book and in reality, the more people about this place gets out, the faster it loses its peculiarity. So, going there, you simultaneously become a part of and the great destroyer. And anyway, it’s much more interesting sightseeing tour to Czech Republic, you will be able to go at least 50 years. Besides, if you haven’t been spending money, planning for vacation, to buy a tour to Thailand in the fall would be a great idea.

Where . Thailand, O. Koh Pangan

When . every month on the full moon

What to bring . comfortable shoes, swimsuit, drinks

The world Cup of diving into the swamp . And here again, intelligent, educated and boring Brits. Do you still think so? Then we go to you! After all, they are still in the dirt ready to go off! Of course, this is the championship for the brave heroes. It is necessary not just to stain your clothes, but to swim and 55 meters in the mask, using the flippers. But maybe the characters so much because the prizes available for everyone, everyone, everyone. No matter how the account will begin. The main thing that you decided to dive.

When . The last Monday of August

What to bring . flippers, diving mask, toothbrush and toothpaste

“Tomatina” . Each year, since 1945, on the last Wednesday of August (if there is a visa in time!)in the narrow streets of the Spanish town of buñol tomato fight begins. More than a hundred tons of tomatoes into magical weapons, by the way, allocated by the city authorities. And do not expect to become the first net member and do not regret tomatoes, those who do not want to stain, stay at home. After all, any passerby can “run over”. If ever you wanted to launch a foe tomatoes – you should buy a tour to Spain . The streets turn into a real tomato of the river, participants in a walking tomato. All the old clothes, it was hope to wash things after these battles, hope to fly to another galaxy. Our generation can not do it. And throw, swim and have fun. Tomatoes rule the world)

When . the last Wednesday of August

What to bring . old clothes and swimming goggles, juice stings my eyes

Art festival “Burning man” . 8 days before the first Monday in September (Labor Day in the USA) people are moving to the desert of black Rock. And there raise their own city, and a fill. The task of all guests is to survive in the new world. And this world is incredibly strange and interesting. The people there are all the creative, quirky, with a sense of humor. And every street you can meet such strange people in odd clothes, painted, with interesting accessories and not getting lost in the city help the names that are given to each street.

Each year the festival is organized under a specific theme that gives you the opportunity to surprise even the regular guests of the desert. And they can the end of the week, up to 47 000 people! Well, on the last day of the festival, after the city erected dub with the earth, burn the symbolic statue of a man. Around the fire dance to drums, which further distances them from the real world.

Where . USA, Nevada, Desert black Rock

When . 8 days until the first Monday of September

What to bring . tent, comfortable shoes, personal hygiene products, sunscreen, scarves and sunglasses (to protect yourself from the sandy winds). And instead of money (they need only when you pay the entrance) take what can be exchanged for something else. In a deserted city acts solely barter system

The world Cup “the Most terrible grimace” . Even intelligent Englishmen are able to do something non-standard. Here they talk about this people: “Snobs, snobs,” and then they compete in the best grimace, so not afraid to joke on himself. Small English town of Egremont each year as the magnet attracts the most relaxed. Desperate people are even teeth himself removed, in the hope of winning. “Bad” you think. And for good reason! After all, Peter Jackson, who did just that, repeatedly won. I hope that as a prize, he didn’t get a box of walnuts.

It all begins with fair sour apples (Egremont Crab Fair, which was first held back in 1267! The threw a celebration in honour of Lord Egremont, who was so generous to give out to poor people killashee apples (grade of “Oxalis”). And fair begins with a parade of trucks loaded with apples (which accurately throw the audience). And while the feast lasts, held various sports competitions. And it ends with the world Championship on “the Most horrible grimace”. Quite logically the view that this competition has its roots to the years when the inhabitants of the town of curve from sour apples. To see it with my own eyes, to buy a tour to the UK before the third week of September.

Where . UK, Egremont

When . every third Saturday of September

What to bring . a camera, a mirror (will be trained), bright clothes

International pirate Day . “Yo-Ho-Ho! And a bottle of rum!” The bad guys are in fashion now. If you somehow have a tourist visa in the US, then you, first, lucky. And secondly, should participate in this celebration. And the best part is that no need to go somewhere in a particular place in the country (it’s that big). Mark anywhere.

Gather the gang, dress up, invent themselves for the mission, respeite songs. As for the mood and a better entry in the image do not forget to look at either the famous cartoon, or even more famous film. Obviously the second creation of cinema contributed to the popularization of the International Day pirate. Interestingly, and Somali, Brazilian and the pirates come to the USA or will celebrate in their own country, another robbery.

When . September 19

What to bring . a blindfold, a bottle of rum, a wig, “Jack Sparrow”

March of the zombies . Love horror movie? Freak shows are you attracted? Gothic, stories about vampires and serila “Adams ‘ Family” evoke the most beautiful of the Association? Can’t wait for Halloween and to go to America? Well, then nothing to think about, September 19, you ought to be there. After all, the streets of Boston filled with heroes clip of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. And, incidentally, to visit this March and is for travelers seeking inspiration. It’s not trivial angels, the devils, nurses and drowned. Here and serial killers, and the bride in blood images without limbs, and dead clerks, salespeople, housekeepers and models.

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