The First international chess festival “Dnipropetrovsk autumn”

A graduate of the Dnepropetrovsk chess Alexander Stefanovich frost represents in many respects a unique phenomenon in the world of chess. In chess history not only of the Dnipropetrovsk region, but also in Ukraine, it is difficult to find another figure who simultaneously would be a very strong chess player practitioner (international grandmaster since , more than 20 years – Chairman of the Dnepropetrovsk regional chess Federation, who carried on their shoulders the lion’s share of the Federation, Vice-President of the chess Federation of Ukraine, who headed one of the main directions of its activity – the children and youth Commission and everything else – a successful coach, who has brought up three international grandmasters (D. Maksimov, Y. Zinchenko, A. Karlovich) and several international masters. It should be added that the A. S. frost was one of the leading chess arbiters of Ukraine, he was awarded the title of international referee, for several years headed the largest chess institutions of Dnepropetrovsk – Chess club, DSU, regional chess club and in his last years – school № 9. With the name of A. C. Frost actually linked the modern period Dnipropetrovsk chess, which is not so much history that characterizes much of everyday life in the present Dnipropetrovsk players.

Immediately after the death of Alexander Stefanovich initiative group of the regional chess Federation raised the question about the necessity of perpetuating his memory. In 2009-2012 there was a series of tournaments and matches to the memory of A. C. Frost, however, the very scale of the personality of Frost demanded from the organizers to improve the status of these tournaments. Thanks to the sponsors and with the support of the Governor of Dnepropetrovsk region Alexander Vilkul from 15 to 23 September 2012 in Dnepropetrovsk in the premises of the CDC Dnepropress (Ermolova str., 35) will host the first such event is the international festival “Dnipropetrovsk autumn” to the memory of grandmaster S. A. Frost.

In three tournaments will be attended by several hundred players, among them 15 international grandmasters, more international and national artists. In the main event of the festival – the women’s tournament round Robin with international grandmaster norm – will take part in 10 chess players from 6 countries, including two of the Dnipropetrovsk players – Maritza a Barber and Daria Orel squadron. In the B tournament, received the status of the open championship of Dnipropetrovsk region, will bring together leading chess players and chess lovers from all over Ukraine, as well as our guests from foreign countries. Tournament C will collect the youngest participants (2000, p. and younger). In all competitions, set cash, special and incentive prizes. The organizing Committee headed by the Chairman of the Dnepropetrovsk regional Federation of chess E. I. Urich and tournament Director, international grandmaster G. M. Gutman makes every effort to ensure the comfort of participants and visitors and invites representatives of the media, public and commercial organizations to support this initiative, which is planned to become an annual event.

International grandmaster, master of sport, international arbitrator, the Chairman of Dnipropetrovsk regional chess Federation (1989-2009), Chairman of the youth Commission of the chess Federation of Ukraine, the Director of DYUssH / SDYUssHOR №9, Dnepropetrovsk

Graduated high school with a gold medal. He received degrees in physics faculty of the Dnepropetrovsk state University with honors (1983) and Dnepropetrovsk state Institute of physical culture and sport (1991). Trained under master Victor Gurevich in DYUssH-2 and CYss-6. From December 1985 to April 1992 he was Director of the chess club, DSU, after the elimination of which is headed by the Dnipropetrovsk regional chess club. Largely thanks to his efforts, succeeded in 1990-ies to defend the premises of the chess club for lovers of the ancient game. From September 1996 – the Director of DYUssH No. 9 in Dnepropetrovsk, where he worked until his death. It and largely thanks to him, the school received the status of sport school of Olympic reserve school (2002).

Winner of many tournaments. The winner of the championship of the Ukrainian Republican Council of voluntary sports society “Burevestnik” (Odessa, 1985). In the championship of the Ukrainian ssR in 1988 in Lviv took 3rd place. As the leader of the team DESK (Dnepropetrovsk regional chess club), together with the team won the right to play in the Premier League team of the UssR championship. On the international open tournament in częstochowa (Poland) in 1992 and shared 1-2 places and additional indicators became the first. In 1992 became the second in the main open-tournament in Pardubice (Czech Republic). In 1995 the team AVTOZAZ (Zaporozhye) became the silver prize-winner of a team championship of Ukraine. In June 1996 took 5th place in the open championship of Ukraine (Yalta). Participant of world championship in Donetsk (November 1998). In 1999 he became the winner of international tournament in manganese and actually the first in the history of the region grandmaster. The team consists of Dnipropetrovsk region was the 3rd prize winner of the II all-Ukrainian summer sports games (1999). Participant of world championship in Ordzhonikidze of Dnipropetrovsk region (June 2000). Multiple champion and prize-winner of superiority of Dnipropetrovsk oblast and Dnipropetrovsk.

As a coach he worked with many of the now famous chess players region – GM Dmitry Maximov, mg Yaroslav Zinchenko, mm Georgi Arzumanyan, mg Anastasia Karlovich, MS Ekaterina Romanova, MS Svetlana Moskalets. Chess players and teams under his leadership have often achieved significant success in tournaments Republican, national and international levels. Frost led an active public life, was engaged in journalistic work. From 1989 until his death was the permanent Chairman of the Dnipropetrovsk regional chess Federation. From 1996 he was a member of the Presidential Council of the chess Federation of Ukraine, Vice-President of FIN. Marked by numerous awards and diplomas. The daughter of Frost – Natalie and Alena – are also long time playing chess, and reached the level I discharge respectively and candidate master of sports.

Died after a long illness on January 17, 2009 in Minsk, where it was undergoing intensive therapy. He was buried at Krasnopolsky cemetery in Dnepropetrovsk. In 2012, in the youth room-9 memorial plaque in memory of the first in the history of the Dnepropetrovsk chess grandmaster. Since 2009 in Dnepropetrovsk tournaments are held in memory of the first actions of the Grand master of A. C. Frost.

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