The feast of the brightest planets

Brazilian carnival – probably the most bright and colorful holiday, which ever saw the world

Extravaganza of colors, bright colors, gorgeous costumes, beautiful people, fiery Latin rhythms – that was the simple secret how to make the most cheerful holiday in the world.

Carnival in Brazil got together with Portuguese immigrants who were brought to the new world their culture. Here the tradition of wide celebrations before lent for centuries, is closely intertwined with the melodies and dances of former African slaves and lush ceremonial outfits from the bright feathers of the indigenous inhabitants of these places. It is worth noting that the Portuguese carnival has long been associated with such “entertainment”, as-ing each other with tomatoes and eggs, affusion and sprinkling with flour. Fortunately, this almost never practiced, but because the dancers in lavish costumes are very lucky.

However, Brazilian carnival, born in such a melting pot of different cultures and beliefs, and then continued to absorb the best holiday traditions of other countries. For example, in the nineteenth century to the Brazilian carnival “returned” masks of the Venetian carnival, which is known to be “dad” all the world’s carnivals in General, leading from the Roman Saturnalia in masks. So on the streets of Rio, Sao Paulo and other Brazilian cities now have such a purely European characters like Pierrot, Columbine and king Momo.

Around the same time, there is a tradition of groups of participants to line up the “blocks”, “ropes” and change into pirates. Appeared the first cars were immediately included in the carnival, delighting the eyes of the audience with their extraordinary tameing, and eventually they turned into giant europlatform, which show the skill of a Samba school.

By the way, the performances of the Samba schools, which are considered to be almost the only action of the Brazilian carnival and certainly become a universally recognized symbol that appeared relatively recently, as are the schools of this dance. The first Samba school appeared in 1928, marking the beginning of the most colorful performance of the Brazilian carnival.

Each Samba school annually selects his speech to certain topics, which are sewn costumes and decorations are made of automotive platforms. Dancers acquire costumes or materials to manufacture them on their own, but their value can be up to several tens of thousands of dollars that poor Brazilian population is the entire state. But the holiday is a celebration, but because the dancers during the year, work hard and save money on the cost of a suit, even if only for a few hours, they will feel like princes and princesses of the Brazilian carnival.

The performance of Samba schools – not just a way to show off and show off your skills, but also a true contest, which has its judges, the system and evaluation criteria. Assess (and, according to participants of the carnival, not so much the skill of the dance, how many coherence (but not the timing of the movements) of the speakers, the ability of musicians to keep the rhythm, the performance of women-bearers of the school, the disclosure of the topic and the many other nuances that uninitiated to understand will be very difficult.

The performance of Samba schools is held over two days, during which time to speak 12 schools. The number of participants in each school may vary from 3000 to 5000 people. A Grand spectacle.

Particularly beautiful, bright, or skillful dancers put on europlatform to the audience and judges had seen all the beauty of a particular school of Samba. Sometimes this statement may be accompanied by very real risk to life: because the height of the platforms sometimes reaches a height of three to four-storey buildings, and individual dancers costumes can weigh up to 80 kg. Fortunately, active dances from “sufferers” no one is demanding, only enough to slightly shake her hips in time to the music.

On the basis of performances of the Samba schools judges render their verdict. The winning school will receive cash prizes and global recognition and honor.

The main problem for tourists during carnival in Brazil can be not an increased level of crime (in Brazil he is always very high), warn as many of the media, and the lack of beds in hotels and high cost “carnival tours” offered by the tour operators.

And if the issue with hotels these days is completely dependent on luck and luck of an individual tourist, with high prices it is possible to cope. So, for example, RIA «news” reports that if you go to Brazil for the opening and closing of the carnival, you can save up to 15% of the cost of the trip. However, you can skip a lot of interesting, but there’s a matter of traditional traveler’s choice: either everything, but expensive, any portion of, but cheap.

The savings from the fact that if, prior to the carnival hotels are starting to pre-sell “mandatory nights” or “carnival packages” for quite high prices, it is closer to its completion rates are plummeting down.

In addition, at the end of the carnival, you can significantly save on tickets to sambadrome. The cost of entrance to the sambadrome on opening day is $260, but the most expensive days of the holiday will be on 19 and 20 February, when the ninth place in the tourism sector will be worth $780. The same places, but on the day of closing, will become much cheaper – $370.

However, Brazilian carnival – so fantastic and incredibly beautiful sight, what about the money here think last but not least: because every carnival in Brazil is unique and inimitable.

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