The craziest food festivals in the world

You have not once in my childhood I heard about what food not to play.

However, in some cities, the food is not only not forbidden to play, but encouraged her worship, throwing, cutting and other improper actions.

Here are 10 holidays, where you can pay tribute to your favorite products and plenty of fun.

Throwing oranges, Italy

Every year, inhabitants of Ivrea in Italy is celebrated three days before lent, pelting each other with oranges. According to the legend, a medieval Prince of Ivrea was so stingy that gave its farmers only one pot of peas every six months. In protest, residents began throwing on the streets of peas. After a few years, pea has been replaced by oranges, which also abounded in southern Italy. During the implementation of a tradition of throwing of oranges, revelers caught up in the crowd of the parade throw these fruits. Quite often this also leads to a small injury, because it is best to bring your goggles and helmet.

Skating cheese on Cooper’s hill, England

Every spring in England arranged a festival in which a large wheel of cheese is rolled down a steep hill and dozens of Britons are rolling behind her. Competition threatens them with sprained ankles, fractures, and huge bruises. So why try so hard? The winner of the just is honored to hold the cheese.

No one really know how and why the race for the cheese, and according to local legend, the tradition goes back to the days of ancient Rome. However, this festival has not always been easy. During the Second world war, when the country was the lack of cheese, with rolling mountains not a whole wheel of brie, Double Gloucester, and a small piece of cheese, placed in a wooden wheel. An even greater threat looms over the competition in 1997, when participants had so many injuries that the authorities decided to take some measures. The following year, was allowed to roll cheese, but nobody was allowed to run after him. However, a new tradition didn’t catch on and only lasted a year, after which the thrill continued the tradition of riding for the cheese.

Festival of monkeys in lop Buri, Thailand

As in many other places of Thailand, the city of Lopburi is full macaques. They swing freely through the streets, travel on the roofs of cars and snatch food from the hands of unsuspecting tourists. And, despite the fact that these monkeys can be quite annoying, Thais adore them. According to Hindu legend, there once ruled a God named Hanuman (the monkey king). In his honor, the city celebrates this event, arranging “buffet” for 2000 monkeys. Tables cluttered with tropical fruits, spicy rice dishes and modern drinks such as Coca-Cola, and the monkey suit real riot.

When the Spanish explorers in the 16th century brought to Mexico radishes, farmers near the modern city of Oaxaca immediately began to grow these vegetables. Unfortunately, nobody wanted to buy them. The sellers did not know what to do with excess product, started to do from the radishes various crafts in order to attract buyers.

Surprisingly, it worked. The new product became so popular that the farmers began to leave radishes in the ground, allowing them to grow to incredible and bizarre shapes and sizes. Now, on December 23 of each year in Mexico in Oaxaca celebrated the feast “the night of the radishes”. Residents gather in the town square to expose and admire the sculptures made of radishes, representing saints, Christmas scenes, and the city itself.

Oil wrestling, Turkey

In Turkey so I love olive oil, it plays a major role in one of the nationally known entertainment – during the contest of fighting Kirkpinar. For the past 650 years, this tournament is one of the most popular ongoing sporting events in the country. In June each year, more than 1,000 wrestlers smear themselves slippery with olive oil before you enter the ring. All this fat makes the fight ridiculously slippery, but it does not stop participants who are approaching this competition with the utmost seriousness. The competition lasts three days, and the winner is awarded outstanding sports star in the country.

Gastronomic festival del Gato

In a small Peruvian farming town of La Quebrada, people honor their ancestors quite a strange way. Every year they’re celebrating, eating cats. Locals that arrange a feline feast, trying to pay tribute to the settlers of the town. Once the poor slaves had survived by eating cat meat. Despite outrage from animal rights activists and cat lovers from around the world, the festival is every year becoming more popular. During the last of the festivities offered such delicacies as “Milan cat” and “cat on the grill with Peruvian black mint”.

Cooking competition at cooking from downed animals on the road, USA

Every year in West Virginia held a culinary competition, which was the result of a law introduced in 1998, in which people are allowed to eat any meat that was found on the side of the highway. Holiday motto is: “You killed him – it was fried! ” The holiday menu is very diverse, including deer fajitas, BBQ Buzzard, the sauce proteins and other dishes.

Flour fight on Clean Monday, Greece

In many parts of the world people are starting to freak out during carnivals, but in the Greek seaside town of Galaxidi, all the fun starts after the celebration, known as Clean Monday. At this time, the residents of the town begin to shower each other with colored flour bags, powdering the whole city is like a doughnut. Paint added to the flour, proof enough, leaving spots on older buildings, because before overturning the city more than a thousand pounds of flour, residents cover most of the city with polyethylene.

Mamemaki Ritual, Japan

For centuries, the Japanese have celebrated the beginning of spring the expulsion of the devil from their homes. The most common way to achieve this is the ritual mamemaki, during which families scatter soy beans around the house, saying: ” the Demons out! Happiness in the house! “. At the end of the ritual, the participants harvested the beans and eat one bean for each year of life, providing own happiness for the whole year.

Today on the streets of Japan you can often see children, furiously passing the soybeans through the streets, while the monks and famous people arrange holidays in large churches, showering the audience with soy beans.

Festival “Scandal of the shepherd”, New Zealand

Few can beat the new Zealanders in eccentricity. New Zealand to host the festival “Scandal of the shepherd”, which is a race of 3 km, where the shepherds and their dogs go through the obstacle course, which offers a variety of food testing. In previous races the participants were offered the eyes of the sheep and pickled in oil insect, but the year 2008 was marked by the most strange food. Participants had to run 50 m, with their raw bull testicles. After a taste of this “treats” disappeared, they had to eat cereal, raw egg and drink a mug of warm beer.

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