Spring in Moscow: cats, Irish Week and the ball of robots

To Moscow spring comes, and with it many exciting cultural events for every taste. For example, March will bring a week of Irish culture Irish Week, April – fashion Week, and may – all your favorite “Night at the Museum” when to get into museums for free. Portal “In Moscow” amounted guide to the most exciting cultural events this spring.


Where: international exhibition center “Crocus Expo”

When: 1 and 2 March

No wonder the first spring month – the time March of cats that bask under the first warm rays of the sun. 1-2 March in the capital will host the international exhibition of cats “Catsburg”, which will come more than a thousand cats of different breeds, will be a bright show program, master classes, quizzes. At the exhibition you can buy any accessories and products for cats and even to buy a kitten of your dreams.

Cats and their owners. PHOTO >>


When: March 7

The concert by the British band Depeche Mode in Moscow – always a long awaited event for many fans of the musicians. The band travels to Moscow as part of the continuation of the Delta Machine. Being on that kind of fame for 30 years, at the end of March last year Depeche Mode presented their thirteenth Studio album Delta Machine. recorded on Columbia Records. Critics rated the album highly.

Where: CHA. Metropolitan clubs and other venues

When: 12th-23rd March

In March Moscow as usual “going green” – almost two weeks will be concerts, exhibitions, film screenings related to Irish culture. The culmination of the Irish Week will be a Grand parade in honor of St. Patrick, who this year will be held in the capital Park “Sokolniki”. The main events of the festival will be held in the Central House of artists, which this year will join about 30 new locations including the clubs of the capital “Workshop”, “Gogol” and “16 tons”. For convenience between sites will run a free bus.

Master class: banana pancake with blueberry and violet ice cream >>

When: 27 March-18 may

Best of Russia (“Best photos of Russia”) — the unprecedented scale of the project, covering all regions of the country. In the project can participate both professional and Amateur photographers, most importantly – so the pictures were taken in Russia last year. This year created a new section of the exhibition – “Special theme”, which will be updated every year. This year’s theme is “weddings and funerals”. Visitors will be able to see all the variety of national traditions of our country: a festive feast in Dagestan and bride in Severodvinsk, footage of the funeral Director Alexei Balabanov and abandoned cemetery in Chukotka.


When: March 29 – 3 April

One of the main events in the world of Russian fashion was first organized in 1994 by the Association of Haute couture and pret-a-porter. Fashion week is held twice a year – in spring and autumn. This time fashionistas of the capital offers design shows, which will be presented collections of the next season by leading fashion designers.


When: April 18

The show “the Night of ad eaters” have gained worldwide recognition, and for 20 years his love in our country, not only the professionals of the advertising business. This is the longest and most massive action, when commercials are broadcast on the screen in non-stop all night. Each “Night” organizers kept secret, but some details are known. Holiday advertising will cover the entire show, including the stage, and even the entrance to the building. At every step of spectators surprises: live music, barman show, creative photo shoots and more.

Where: the library, the bookstores of Moscow

When: April 25-26

Libraries, museums, galleries, book stores, art spaces and cultural centres turn in the night in the “navigation time”: this year, the theme of this large-scale action will be the “time Translation”. Visitors will meet with famous writers, poets and publishers will be able to get into closed-end funds libraries and the libraries, to participate in literary quests, contests, book fairs, flash mobs and other fun activities.

How it works: bikini carwash >>


When: may 15 – 15 June

Bal robots will be held in Moscow for the first time, this large-scale scientific and popular event, which will involve interactive Robofesta, international Roboforum, and will work Roboliberation for children and adults. In Russia will bring the most famous robots in the world, and visitors will present several of the world’s Premier super-robots and projects leading developers and manufacturers. Anyone will be able to communicate with robots-androids, robots, musicians, robot-assistant, robot artist. In addition, you can try yourself in the role of engineer and master the basic skills of designing, programming and building robots in the present Roboliberation with 3D printers. As organizers promise, the scientific supervisors of Roboliberation will be known scientists and engineers from around the world.

Where: museums, art space in Moscow

The annual event dedicated to the International day of museums, has become a cultural sensation in the capital. Moscow in the evening and at night turns into a huge art pad, museums open their doors in an unusual time of night, on the streets and in parks are organized sudden amazing performances and exhibitions, interesting lectures, concerts, film screenings and master classes. To do too much in one night is very difficult, so the route should be prepared in advance, and the entrance is free almost everywhere.

One day on the set of Comedy club in Moscow >>


The concert of the legendary Aerosmith will be held in Moscow in the framework of the world tour “The Global Warming World Tour”. The American group was founded in Boston in 1970 and influenced the development of different musical styles, combining in his works, hard rock, heavy metal music, even glam and Blues. Fans will hear both well-known and beloved hits and the last song from the album “Music from Another Dimension!”.

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