New tradition of summer festivals BBQ

26 August 2015 international network of shopping centers SELGROS Cash & Carry, with the support of administration of the Volgograd region for the first time held in the shopping center “SELGROS” in Volgograd famous summer festival for professional clients.

According to the traditions of the festival was dedicated to the art of cuisine open fire and barbecue. Professional clients have been able to fully enjoy the hospitality of the company, to enjoy fresh seafood prepared according to traditional recipes in the performance of the true masters, as well as to test their strength in their own culinary experiments.

“I am delighted to welcome you to our first summer festival for our professional customers and partners in Volgograd. Similar events are held every year by our company, and I am glad that this year the tradition of summer festivals will continue in this city. We will show you the secrets of cooking barbecue. First of all, the key to a successful dish is quality meat. We are proud that through our meat departments in which in addition to our partners and suppliers the company also offers its own products, clients “SELGROS” can get only the best. I would like to thank the partners for their support and participation in the festival, as well as employees “SELGROS” who organized this event,” commented the shopping centre Manager SELGROS in Volgograd Anatoly Kiselev.

The first program of the festival was a master class from a famous chef Nicholas Baratova. “The art of cooking on an open fire is the oldest in the history of cooking. How many centuries ago, and now the main ingredients of good dishes remain quality fresh food and, of course, important to be able to handle them”, — said Nikolai Baratov. He demonstrated a few basic ways of cooking meat and vegetables simultaneously revealing the history of the art of cooking over coals all present. And also shared some of the secrets to cooking lamb, provided by the partners of the festival.

“First of all, I want to thank the organizers of the festival. The event takes place in Volgograd for the first time, and we hope it will grow into a tradition, as well as our partnership. Today, in addition to the amazing food and exciting workshops, we are waiting for the contest “Barbecue” for chefs, in which I take part as a jury and be able to evaluate the skills of participants, some of whom are members of our Association, and therefore it is especially important to me”, — says Sergey Biryukov, Vice-President of the “Regional Association of chefs and restaurateurs”.

The competition was attended by 8 teams, each comprising three chefs with professional experience of at least one year. The organizers provided participants with jobs and all the necessary equipment. The main intrigue until the very beginning of the contest remained the set of products, which had to prepare meals. According to the rules of the competition the teams had to prepare for two servings of the dish with sauce and garnish to assess the audience and the jury, whose members were: international culinary judge, certified by the world Association of community chefs (WorldChefs – WACS), an honorary member of the National Guild of chefs of Russia, the author of 4 cookbooks and more than 100 culinary television on a BBQ Nicholas Baratov, chef of the restaurant Trattoria Rimini, member of the Russian Association of chefs, member of the international judging WACHS, a member of the Russian Association of chefs Denis Balulalow, chef and Director of food service at the PARK IN Matthias Trushel, judge WACS category “b”, Vice-President of regional public organization “Regional Association of chefs and restaurateurs” Sergey Biryukov.

“We were faced with a difficult choice. Participants not only met all of our expectations, but could surprise with professional skills and demonstrated high team spirit,” said jury Chairman Nikolai Baratov.

In the culinary confrontation, earning the most points for professional skill and taste of the dish, won the team room ¹8 “Bar Mile”, which included: Brizicky Vadim Andreevich, Hohocken Dmitri and Fomichev Artem Vladimirovich.

During the event everyone could enjoy meals cooked on the barbecue, poultry, Cape and fish, as well as products from partners of the festival: LLC “Dolany”, “th “Power”, open company “Kamyshinsky Plant Food,” TM “Andra”, LLC “Sweet fruit”, LLC “Bakery ¹5”, LLC “light foods” and drinks TM “Sebryakovsky” from the partner LLC “Production Sebryakovminvody”.

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