international festival of contemporary music “Moscow autumn” was established in 1979. Founders: Union of Moscow composers, the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, the Russian authors ‘ Society, the Department of culture of Moscow

“Moscow autumn” is an annual opening day premieres of new works by Moscow composers, guests of the festival – composers from other cities of Russia, CIS and far Abroad.

Established in 1979 by the Union of Moscow composers, the festival “Moscow autumn” has become one of the world’s largest music forums professional compositional creativity of our contemporaries – composers of different generations, creative aspirations, styles, trends and searches. Program of the festival covers all genres of modern professional music — from chamber instrumental and electroacoustic compositions to symphonic and choral canvases, from romances and songs to contemporary music of operas and ballets, from contemporary sacred music to jazz and multimedia projects. A strong artistic event, the festival reflects the diverse, multifaceted picture of the ever-changing modern music world, where the face of the priorities, where strict traditions coexist with radical, ground-breaking experiments and innovations. As a truly live the creative process, “Moscow autumn” is actively developed, multiplied by new ideas, names, projects. And, naturally, absorbs, absorbs everything going on around me – in the world – art and sound events. As a result of a polyphonic score of the festival is constantly enriched with new timbres, harmonies, unexpected alloys.

“Moscow autumn” regularly includes in its program of works by young composers, including graduate and undergraduate students of music schools and other cities of the Russian Federation, near and far Abroad.

The festival promotes new music, international music, music education and composition organizations. Expanding cooperation with performing groups and soloists, music publishers and the media. Actively contributes to the implementation of the new music in the concert practice.

A 35-year history of the festival in its programmes have been performed thousands of Prime. The festival was entrusted to his opus major domestic masters of the XX and XXI centuries: Rodion Shchedrin, Andrei Eshpai, Boris Tchaikovsky and Moisey Vainberg, Andrei Petrov and Boris Tischenko, Sergei Slonimsky, and Edison Denisov, Sofia Gubaidulina and Alfred Schnittke, Tikhon Khrennikov, Georgy Sviridov, Nikolai Sidelnikov, Roman Ledenev, Edward Artemiev and many others. In different years at the festival of music of famous composers from Europe, America and Asia. Festival participants were Yannis Xenakis and Pierre Boulez, Dieter Knebel and Georgi Minchev, Henri Busser and Dieter Kaufmann, françoise Barrier and Aulis Sallinen, Zygmunt Krauze, Krzysztof Knittel, Vaclav Kucera, guy, rebel, Paolo Chagas, Anthony Gerard.

In different years in the festivals “Moscow autumn” was attended by almost all the major groups of Russia and outstanding musicians-soloists. The season premiere set eminent conductors — G. Rozhdestvensky, Yevgeny Svetlanov, A. Katz, D. Kitaenko, V. Polyansky, V. Ponkin, G. Provatorov, F. Mansurov, A. Chistyakov, Klas, M. clear, V. Sinaisky, Y. Nikolaev, A. Mikhailov, S. Kolobkov, N. Agafonnikov, I. Capitis, V. Popov, A. Ponomarev, N. Kalinin, B. Pevzner, N. Kutuzov, O. Lundström, G. Garanyan, L. Lisova, V. Kozlyakov. Among the famous soloists participating in the festival – A. Korneev, N. Shakhovskaya, A. Lyubimov, A. Safiulin, I. Bochkov, N. Gutman, Yuri Bashmet, Mikhail Shaposhnikov, Mikhail Tolpygo, O. Kagan, V. Popov, V. Krainev. Of the foreign guests of the festival – ensemble “Erwartung” (France), Stockholm saxophone Quartet, ensemble “Art pour l’art”, “Ensemble-13” and “Modern” (Germany), CORE-ensemble from the USA, ensembles “2F2M” (France), “Seattle chamber players” (USA), “Aiassa!” (Finland), viola P. Silverstone (UK),clarinetist A. Dressler (Germany), Duo “Percussio Duo” (Netherlands), the group “Ligys” from France.

In the depths of the “Moscow autumn” had the circle of bright performers, permanent participants of the festival, with the seeker sensitive to modern music by ear. This is the Moscow contemporary music ensemble, the soloists ensemble “Studio of new music”, chamber orchestra “Amadeus” and “the seasons”, the State wind orchestra of Russia, the national academic orchestra of folk instruments named after N. Osipova, the State academic choir of the Moscow regional name A. Kozhevnikova, Russian folk orchestra “Moscow”, Theatre of Mark Pekarsky percussion, State choir “Moscow”, State choir named after A. Sveshnikov, choir autumn, chamber choir “Spiritual revival”, the ensemble “XX century”, “Academic band” Gnesin Academy of music. This soloists – F. and C. Lipsy, Mechetina, S. Yakovenko, L. Dmyterko, A. Volkov, N. Gorelik-Venison, E. Teplukhin, R. Zamaraev, V. Grishin, T. Vymyatnina, I. Vorontsov, S. Sudilovsky, V. Chernilevsky, M. Vlasova, V. Golinski, M. Dubov, M. Bereznitsky, L. Ambartsumian,A. Zahoransky, Ruby.

In the framework of the festival “Moscow autumn” are musicological conferences and “round tables”, devoted to the discussion of world premieres, creative meetings, master-classes and presentations of new CDs. Concert programs, articles, photos of participants, authors comments, information about composers and performers contained on the pages of annually published booklet.

Concerts take place in the Great hall of the Moscow house of composers, Great, Small and Rachmaninov halls of the Moscow Conservatory, Concert hall of the Russian Academy of music Gnesin, a Large concert Studio No. 5 RHMTS.

Information support to the festival is provided by: “Music life”, “Music Academy”, “Music and time”, “Philharmonic”, the newspaper “Musical review”, “Culture”, “Play from beginning”, radio and television stations “Radio of Russia”, “Culture”, “Voice of Russia”, “Orpheus”, “TV Culture”, “Moscow 24”, REN TV, the Agency “Tournai”, “InterMedia”, the press service of the Russian authors ‘ society, the press center of Moscow Union of composers, the Internet and other partners.

Projects related to foreign music, implemented with the support of foreign cultural centres in Moscow and embassies.

Premiere works is an event which participants are not only a Composer and Performer, and Listener. Free entry to the concerts of the “Moscow autumn” only confirm the idea of the festival: I Want to make contemporary music accessible!

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