Menopaus – the Most fun holidays

Where and when: the last Wednesday of August in the Spanish town of Bunol, near Valencia. It is a fierce battle without casualties, except for a ton of tomatoes. Who was the pioneer of this tradition is hard to say. The raffle? Childish pranks? And in any case, however, the difference. Importantly, this celebration became a national Spanish tradition since 1945. On the last Wednesday of August, about 30 thousand people fill the streets of the small town to participate in “tomato shooting ranges”.

Party “Full month”

Where and when: Every month during the full moon on Koh Phi Panian (Ko Pha Ngan) in the Gulf of Thailand South China sea.

Asian alternative to the legendary Ibiza equally legendary Thai island of Ko Phi Panian (Koh Pha Ngan). The legend says that a party in honor of the full moon for the first time was organized on the occasion of his birthday in the 80-ies. The tourist has chosen an unusual place with his equally unusual action and began to come back again and again. Now 10 thousand tourists come from all over the world to the party.

The audience on the island, I must say, specific: flower children, musicians, DJs, poets, artists and designers. You won’t see here spoiled millionaires and arrogant pop stars, there are tired of politicians and shrewd businessmen. On a small island has an atmosphere of trance (trance), techno (techno), drumnbass (drum’n’bass) and reggae (reggae). In short, a Paradise for progressive youth!

The “Burning Man” Festival

Where and when: the Festival starts in September for 8 days before Labor day in the U.S. (celebrated on the first Monday of September) in the desert of Nevada.

Are you searching for arts extravaganza? Then art festival “Burning Man” – for you! Strange event lasts 8 days, and the logical culmination of the celebration is the burning of a symbolic statue of a man, and then around the campfire arranged shaman dances to the drumbeat. The main task – to survive 8 days in the desert.

For a week in the desert are works of modern art, are often fantastic forms. There go hundreds of “mutated” machines the incredible appearance, many participants wear costumes of characters art, animals, objects, and so on.

Every year the festival “Burning Man” is given its own theme. To watch and participate in the action early in the week attracts a bit of people – 2-3 thousand people. However, towards the end in the city significantly increased the number of people. Sometimes the number of tourists in the desert reaches 50 thousand people.

Songkran (Thai New year)

Where and when: the Festival starts in mid-April. Officially New year in Thailand is celebrated from 13 to 15 April, but many provinces continue the fun until the 20’s numbers. The biggest battles are held annually in Bangkok and Chiang MAI (Chang Mai).

Primarily it is a spiritual festival, aimed at cleansing from last year’s sins. In the past, walking through the streets with a Cup of water, sprinkle each counter. Today Thais “wet” all in a row from water guns and garden hose. Credo enchanting holiday: the wetter you become, the better it will be held next year. Something these water battles reminiscent of Spanish Tomatina.

Glastonbury music festival (Glastonbury)

Where and when: the Glastonbury takes place on the last weekend in June near the English village of Pilton in the South West of England.

British outdoor festival has long become a global brand. Performance on 3-day outdoor festival for each artist is an integral annual tradition. Glasto built on the ideology of free hippy festivals of the 70s – it has green spaces and a large part of the profit goes to charity. In 2008, 72 hours more than 177 thousand guests of the festival enjoyed the performances of seven hundred artists of different genres – from rock and jazz to instrumental and club music.


Where and when: the Celebration of Holi falls about the end of February – beginning of March, when in India there’s a full moon.

Holi is an annual Hindu spring festival, which takes place in Northern India and lasts two days. The first day is held at the fire, which symbolizes the burning of the Holika. All the fun begins the next day, when residents gather on the streets, showering each other with colored powder or spraying colored water.

It is believed that with the onset of spring come and disagreeable catarrhal diseases, so festive shedding medicinal herbs powders gives the residents of not only positive emotions, but also the immune system. The main attribute of Holi has a special drink “Candy” containing a small amount of marijuana.

Race Bay to Breakers

Where and when: the Third Sunday of may, San Francisco, California.

The 12-kilometer race in San Francisco is the original sight. Competitions immediately turn into a carnival or even a gay pride parade, which is not surprising considering the number of representatives of sexual minorities in the city. However, there are still citizens who perceive Bay to Breakers solely as a race. They reach the finish line first, winning prizes. Most often it is professional athletes. Others simply enjoy, turning the competition in a flash mob.

The first race was held in 1906, and in 1986 the race even got into the Guinness book of records as a record number of participants (110 thousand).

Australia Day

Where and when: January 26. Place of celebration: Sydney music festival kicks off in Adelaide – cricket match. In Canberra held a live music concert and awarding one of the most coveted awards of the country – Australian of the year.

Australians most in life love two things: beer and barbecue. Enjoy plenty of their “delicacies” in Australia Day, when the whole country celebrates the development of the Green continent by Europeans. Country day blinded festive fireworks and parades, accompanied the landing of the first fleet.

Queen’s Day

Where and when: 30 April celebrations throughout the Netherlands, but the most spectacular of them in Amsterdam.

Every year the whole country celebrates the day of the coronation of Queen Beatrix and the day of memory of the Queen mother Juliana. This event is compared to Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. This holiday lasts for 24 hours without a break: every year in Amsterdam attracts famous DJs from around the world. In addition, parades, exhibitions of Handicrafts, sales, children’s parties, street theatre and fireworks. The most common in this day drinks – beer and “Oranje Bitter” (orange liqueur).

Rodeo Calgary Stampede

Where and when: the Second week of July, calgary, Canada

Fans of the cowboy passions straight road on a ten-day Rodeo, better known as the Calgary Stampede. All the cowboys over the world come to the feast to show their skills, and millions of tourists to look at it, drink beer and enjoy other festive activities.

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