Kiev: the most striking events of the capital

The capital in 2013 was constantly feverish. Protest marches, rallies, snow collapse, large-scale preparing for the holidays and football. Edition Segodnia remembered those events in the capital that will remain in the memory of Ukrainians for many years.

Perhaps the most significant event for the country happened at the end of the year. Kyiv became the centre of mass protests and literally the battlefield – if you remember, for example, the events of December 1 on Bankova street.

It all started after the collapse of the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU. Then, on 21 November, Ukrainians, dissatisfied with the policy of the current government, came to the Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv. In parallel with the capital rally, “Maidan” was going across the country. However, on the night of 30 November, when the Maidan were several hundred students, fighters of special forces “Berkut” dispersed the protesters by force . The next day in the center of the city gathered according to various estimates, from 500 thousand to 1.6 million people.

Maidan this year was the biggest protest since the Orange revolution in 2004, while clashes on Bankova street. when you’re stun grenades and pepper spray and Molotov cocktails, Kiev’t remember anything from the time series of rallies “Ukraine without Kuchma”. During the month, protesters seized the building of the Kyiv city Council, the House of trade unions and the October Palace, broke the tent town, fenced Maidan almost military barricades, created his own kitchen, a Bank and even a University. The protesters did not disperse more than a month and intend to celebrate the New year in the field .

Snow collapse

Heavy snow that covered the capital in the spring – from March 22 – the people will remember for a long time. For a week the city turned into a Playground for the film Apocalypse . People put cars on the road because of the huge traffic jams that went on foot from one end of Kiev to the other, cold machines in all night of 22 to 23 March. The stores have started to disappear products. and in the city even moved in military equipment to pull cars out of snowdrifts. Public transport did not go a few days, and on city roads traveled only tanks jeeps and high. And even those could not to drive everywhere.

Snow collapse has prompted Kiev to work. In the Network there are a lot of photoshopped pics, songs and videos based heavy snowfall. While Andrew’s descent residents of the capital have turned into a real ski run – the next morning the people went down from there on snowboards, skis and sleds.

In March, the city government was showered with accusations of inaction. That is why, a few days later the first Deputy head of Kyiv city state administration Oleksandr Mazurchak has resigned.

The Match Ukraine-France

The match, which took place on 15 November in Kiev, Olimpiyskiy, can safely be called perfect. Then Ukraine, and suddenly opponents, and fans won with the score 2:0 and interrupted the series of failures that began in 1997. This match was the fifth for Ukraine in the play-off matches for the right to participate in the world championship in 2014.

The hype around the game, started in advance. Just a week before his 3 thousands of tickets in cash desks “Olympic” sold out in 2 hours. Those wishing to attend the match gave a serious crush at ticket offices of the stadium and formed a 100-metre turn.

And although the next match with France Ukraine severely lost. the mood of football fans 15 th it was possible to envy. And, as has already been made of Ukrainians, people began to make fotoebi the results are strikingly successful game.

The March of the opposition

A national campaign against the current government “Arise, Ukraine!”, organized opposition forces, in may, the Day of Kyiv, concentrated in the capital. On this day in the city centre were quite a large number of protesters – about 30 thousand. Compared with the number of the Maidan, this figure, of course, less, but for Kiev March of the opposition was a major protest.

Columns of protesters stretched from St. Michael’s Cathedral to St. Sophia’s square. People were so much that the people of Kiev, who was not involved in the protest, couldn’t even get through the dense crowd of protesters.

It was the first time the so-called “titushki” – young men of a sports Constitution, are hired for money to work at rallies. Between law enforcement officers, “aunts”, journalists and ordinary participants of the March in may, there were several collisions. In the course went tear gas, bottles and bricks. To maintain order in Kiev even introduced the internal troops.

The 1025th anniversary of the baptism of Rus

In July, the capital learned what unprecedented security measures. On the anniversary of the baptism of Rus in the town and several of the heads of States and churches. A festive prayer service at St. Vladimir’s hill. which completely revolutionized specifically for the memorable date was visited by President of Russia Vladimir Putin, President of Moldova Nicolae Timofti, the President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic, chapters nine and six representatives of the local Orthodox churches. In particular, the present Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill.

For an ordinary person to attend the prayer service was not easy. The territory of the Vladimir hill was cordoned off and was surrounded by a metal fence, and police were not all passed. Those who are lucky, the soldiers were ordered to hand over at the entrance of tomatoes and apples. In addition, each had to go through the procedure of examination on a special metal detector. People who have had water, “security” was asked to make a few SIPS. to ensure that bottled parishioners is not firebombs and other flammable substances.

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