How to celebrate new year in other countries?

New year in Britain can hardly be called a major holiday. Entire stock of holiday energy exhausted on Christmas day and Boxing day, and only in Scotland, New year is celebrated with a traditional scope.

Usually when people talk about New year in Scotland, just mention burning a barrel of tar – a symbol of liberation from the failures and all the bad that occurred last year. However, the Scottish new year traditions more than all European countries combined. New year in Scots – holiday Hogmanay with strong pagan roots.

His main attribute is fire, so the Scots dispersed Christmas sadness and evil spirits kilometers torchlight processions, giant bonfires and indispensable fire in home fireplaces.

The most spectacular sight –the rotation of the fireballs in the pitch darkness men in kilts to the accompaniment of bagpipes rotate above their heads something like a huge burning balls. In the darkness, visible only flying by themselves fiery sphere.

And in Scotland hundreds of dedicated citizens splashing in the waters of the Fort, thousands of Scots and tourists Kaylee dancing, singing hogmanays “the Days are long past” on the poems of Robert burns, and between the singing hug and kiss each other – thousands of friends and strangers from around the world.

Trees and bonsai

Tokyo lives with an eye to the West. Shortly before Christmas in a Buddhist-Shinto Tokyo multiply all the attributes of the Catholic feast – Christmas trees, plump nearsighted Santa’s red socks with gifts and greetings from the lips of the Japanese: “Mary Kurisumasu!” However, just before the New year Tokyo, who explored the Western tradition, is transformed for a few hours.

Place garlands and wreaths took the bamboo and green ring rice straw. In Ginza giant spruce is replaced by a Japanese winter garden. The houses occupy a place of honor not evergreen beauty, and the bonsai kuromatsu. Shops and cafes are closed. And Tokyo, recently reminded new York, immediately becomes stricter and more solemn. New year is a holiday responsible.

New year’s here comes the sun. At this time the Japanese come out on the streets to greet the dawn and laugh: laughter, sincere or through force, in any case, promises good luck. And at this time in the temples for all the sins of bells ringing – 108 beats on each of the vices.

Holiday update

As you know, in Italy on New year’s day from the Windows of the old chairs flying, last year’s sweaters and blown irons. However, only in Italy so deep symbolism of the new year action. New year in Italian – holiday of renewal. Without pagan bonfires idle and French chic. Everything, everything has to be brand new in the New year. Flying from the Windows, the furniture, the interior upgrade, a new wardrobe – all this should help to start the New year with a clean slate. Even if last year was all great, the new will be even better.

And even the tradition of giving each other New year red underwear is subordinated to the same goal: red Italy symbolizes newness.

New year in the company of trolls and Vikings

New year in Iceland – something akin to flying to the moon. The same landscape, the same craters and the lava fields. And the same sense of the fantastic events. New year on this cold island is celebrated on a Grand scale, in accordance with the traditions of their ancestors.

On the one hand, the celebratory life of Reykjavik rages along with its underground springs. There are hundreds of clubs with excellent themed parties – a popular place for clubbers all over the planet. On the other hand, is the living memory of the Vikings: in the capital are Christmas shows, competitions, around a huge bonfire dancing elves and trolls. But the strongest impression, which should not be ashamed to mention in his autobiography – a firework that lasts about an hour, is reflected, multiplied and dispersed in this icy wasteland.

French Christmas charm

Once one friend, a Frenchman told me that in France the best New year in Europe: the British have a rest after Christmas, the Austrians and the Germans are boring crowd in the main squares of cities, and the French are traditionally enjoying life. The degree of subjectivity of any Frenchman exceeds all reasonable limits, but the truth is that boasting from the heart, they really strive to meet all expectations and every year adds new year Paris’s still a little bit of charm.

New year’s Champs Elysees is really lovely – bunch of lights on each tree, illuminated arc de Triomphe, fireworks, the smell of hot chocolate, croissants, The shops are open until midnight: beware, this evening is very hard to resist buying evening dresses. And – the apotheosis of comfort – new year’s eve in Paris you can always find a place in a restaurant, I do not know how the French do it.

The best carnivals of the world

Latin America is a land of carnivals and festive processions, Christmas carnivals are held in all Latin American countries.

In Colombia on New year’s eve is a large-scale parade of dolls, and then begins the Christmas carnival, where the crowd walking on high stilts Colombian Santa Claus – Father Pasquale.

Cubans on the eve of the celebration fill all available water in the house the dishes, and when the clock stops at midnight, poured all the water from the Windows. Thus, according to tradition, with each stroke of the clock need to eat a grape, will certainly make the wish. And then? Further, of course, carnival – noisy, loud, until morning.

In Brazil, the epicenter of the holiday is the Copacabana beach. Just imagine: thirty-degree heat, hot sand and cold champagne, the best DJs of the world and mysterious rituals: Brazilians pay tribute to the goddess of water Imanga and sent to sea a huge flotilla of small boats.

Sultry Santa

In Australia Christmas attributes look very funny. Young Australians are going to the best beaches – in bathing suits and red caps. On the stuffy streets of cities do not place Christmas trees, reindeer and wrapped in a fur coat Santa. Nevertheless, Santa Claus does not remain without work: in Australia it appears in swimming suit on a specially decorated surf.

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