Holiday Scenario “Journey to planet Solandia”

Presenter: Hello, kids – fun girls and naughty boys! Right, great,

we met in this beautiful room! Tell me, you are so wonderful today

look, because today is very important day? Children: Yes! What? (children

tell) Correctly. From that day, and begin a new school year. Let’s

then congratulate each other in unison. We will work with you to shout happy New year! Started!

Children shouting in unison: happy New year, happy New year!

Suddenly the music hall rushes in Kuzma with a Christmas tree under his arm. He’s not paying absolutely no attention to the audience, randomly runs around the room and trying to find somewhere to attach your Christmas tree.

Kuzma: All welcome. Where here to celebrate the New year? I brought you my Christmas tree. Where

better to put it? I found it! Puts here and there, gaze at me, shakes his head, moves to another place. Finally a place in the center of the room he liked.

Presenter: Kuzma, Hello. And why did you bring us this beautiful Christmas tree?

Kuzma: You’re all screaming – New year! I thought, how is it that you will be on a holiday without

the main forest beauties?

Presenter: You, probably, not absolutely correctly understood. We are here to meet not

conventional and Educational new year.

Kuzma: Here’s how… well, not snow Maiden, snow, Santa Claus?

Presenter: whatever you call it, only happens in the winter feast. Right, girls?

Kuzma: Where do I now put the Christmas tree? Not to wear it again in the woods?

Moderator: I think that you can leave with us. What do you think guys? Leave? Well. But

what are we going to do with it?

Kuzma: Proceed as usual: let’s decorate!

Presenter: But what? There are no balloons and streamers, toys, and stars…

Kuzma: I came up with! Let me think about school riddles and answers and will be decorations.

We hang them on the tree!

Kuzma proposed riddles. Children collectively and guess they decorate the school Christmas tree.

1. Each student must

To school to take… Children: Diary.

2. Who’s album will paint ours

Well, of course… Children: a Pencil.

3. Of all letters from A to z

On the pages… Children: Primer.

4. To pens to write

We will prepare… Children: Notebook.

5. The pencil is not to be lost

Let’s remove it … Children: in the Pencil case.

6. Only lesson was over,

Loud rang. Children: A Call.

Kuzma: Thanks guys! We dressed up very beautiful school Christmas tree! Just not sure what

sitting here? What not going to school?

Moderator: But, we are still small. Sooner, that our kids will grow up and also go to school! And

now I suggest you guys and Kuzma to travel.

Kuzma: yaay! I love to travel! Where to travel?

Leading: Offer to go to the planet called “Szkolenia”?

Kuzma: It is certainly very interesting, but how will we get there?

Moderator: Guys, do you think we could fly to another planet? The children’s responses

Kuzma: before a long journey But we need to warm up.

Musical warm-up “Fun to charge”

Kuzma: I worked up a sweat.

Presenter: And now, in a way.

Speech game “Rocket”

Once or twice, it should be a rocket (hands up)

Three or four, soon to rise (lift your hands to the sides) .

To fly to the sun (rotate the Cams)

Astronauts need year.

But dear we are not afraid (hands on his belt, bending the body right-left)

Every one of us athlete (bend elbows)

One flew over the ground (lift your hands to the sides)

She will give Hello (hands up and wave)

Flew …. The music simulates the flight of a rocket

Presenter: Approaching the first planet.

Kuzma: And it is called the planet’s “fairy Tales”.

Presenter: That was interesting on this planet, let’s try to remember a few

tales. On the screen will appear with the heroes of fairy tales, and you try to guess the name


Quiz “untold mysteries”

1 slide: Toad, Mole, beetle, Swallow, little Elf. (Thumbelina).

2 slide: Stepmother with her daughters, fairy godmother, pumpkin, coachman a rat, Prince and others. (Cinderella).

3 slide: Papa Carlo, Alice Fox, cat Basilio and others. (The Golden key. The Adventures Of Pinocchio).

4 slide: Rooster, cat, dog, horse, king, Princess and so on. (The Bremen town musicians).

5 slide: Muddy, washcloths, soap, escaping pillows (Moidodyr)

Kuzma: Wow! Guys so many tales know! Well done!

Presenter: But we need to go to the next planet!

Simulate flight with music

Presenter: That’s next planet – planet “a Number.”

Kuzma: I Wonder why do we need numbers?

Moderator: Guys, tell Kuze why do we need numbers? (children’s responses). And let’s

introduce Kuzya with numbers, and will help me in this guys from the older group of “Know-all”

The game “Live numbers”

Children to the music of jump jumps around the room, in the hands of cards with numbers at the end of the music building straight or backwards.

Moderator: Thank you guys for the help! Kuzma you all the numbers memorized?

Kuzma: Of Course!

Moderator: Then I suggest you improve your skills and will help me children from preparatory groups. The game is called “1, 2, 3, 4, 5”.

Game “1, 2, 3, 4, 5”

Moderator: All the guys are very clever! And Kuzma done! Fly farther?

Simulate flight with music

Presenter: so the next planet “Music”.

Kuzma: I Wonder guys, what on this planet are we going to do? The children’s responses (to listen to music, sing, dance, etc.) Appeals to children And can you sing?

Presenter: of Course, in our kindergarten children love to sing. Want and sing you a song?

Kuzma: I Hope about me!

Presenter: Well, while songs about you we don’t know, but his kindergarten gladly sing.

Really, guys? Children: Yes!

Presenter: Well, Kuzma, did you like my song?

Kuzma: Very and guys how talented all of them on “the Voice” you need to go.

Presenter: Sure, but as long as we go to the next planet.

Simulate flight with music

• The leaves of the trees become Yellow.

• Started… The Rain!

• All children go in the morning … in school or kindergarten!

• What is the month on the calendar … September!

• Children with them to school… take the Satchels!

• They are in packs? Notebooks, pens, books, pencils and so on.

Well done! And now offer you to compete. In the morning have to get up early, but very

I want to lie in a warm bed, and if you linger, you’re gonna be late

classes. Let’s imagine that you have overslept and now run to your group.

Relay “Run in to” group

With the rig you need to run to a cone and back. Then the pack to pass to the next participant.

Moderator: All coped perfectly well! No one now will never be late to class. And

now it’s time to return home to our favorite kindergarten. Ready?

Simulate flight with music

Presenter: so ended our wonderful and informative trip. Everyone liked it

fly to new planets?

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