Food Holidays in different countries of the world

In different countries there are many holidays dedicated to those or other national dishes. They usually occur lush festivals where guests can have fun in unlimited quantities to taste “hero of the day”.

A lot of food holidays in Italy. They are called “sagra” (sagra) and usually last about three days. The capital of this holiday can become even a tiny town or village. Festivals are tied to a specific region in the South of the country held celebrations in honor of pizza “Margarita”. in Parma celebrated Parma ham and Parmesan, in Liguria – trout. snails, mushrooms. dish of tripe and beans. The small mountain village of San Quirico under Florence regularly organizes sagra in honor of chestnut flour – in the days of the festival on the main square bake publicly from her pancakes. The food on the meea often free, sometimes you have to pay a nominal sum. Also not to mention ambitious Italian national holiday of chocolate, which takes place in Perugia in the middle of November.

In France, in Menton, in the middle of February celebrating the Day of lemon. On this day, all the city streets, squares and parks are adorned with a giant lemon sculptures, tastings of food and beverages with content of lemon. Another interesting festival is held in Arles – Feria du Riz, day rice and paella attributable to mid-September. Paella refers to Spanish cuisine, however, the feast in her honor was established here, in a small French town. In France also established the chocolate Festival, which has gained worldwide status: celebrated on July 11. But the most remarkable event in the gastronomic world, France is the Week of taste, when consistently hosts festivals of choucroute (sauerkraut with meat and sausages), spices, cider, fish and chestnuts. And, of course, not to mention the celebration of Beaujolais Nouveau is a young wine that walks the whole of France. This festival is held on the third Thursday of November, it’s a timed competition, manufacturers: fastest to deliver your wine in a particular part of the world.

Could not do without holidays food and Spain: on the last week of August in Buñol residents and visitors gather at the Tomatina – the tomato festival. the culmination of which is a hilarious “battle of tomatoes”. In October in the town of o grove celebrated seafood, and in November in the town of Baena, in Andalusia, a Festival of olives and olive oil.

Germany’s largest culinary festival is the Oktoberfest – the Bavarian beer festival. It takes place in Munich and lasts for 16 days, noted processions, concerts, sports and, of course, drinking enormous amounts of beer.

Extremely rich holiday food tradition. January 4, note here is spaghetti night, March 4 at Kansas pancake Day is held March 6 in Springfield celebrate frozen food products. The second Friday of April – beginning of annual grits Festival in St. George, and by 11 may to coincide with the Celebration of freedom from dietary restrictions. On 18 July the Americans Declaration of love to one of the national symbols – dogs, and on August 24 it has been widely reported waffle Day. September 7 fans salami must be on the table sausage in this class, well, on the third Saturday of October, the whole country celebrates the Day of sweets. Completes the gastronomic unusual year holiday – the Day of the giant omelette, timed to coincide with the first weekend of November. Celebrated in the town of Abbeville, Louisiana, and of course, the highlight of the festive programme is the preparation of a huge omelette 5000 eggs.

Very touching holiday exists in Iceland: Sunny Day coffee. when the inhabitants of the country are celebrating the first appearance of the sun after the long polar night, strong coffee and pancakes. March 1, Icelanders celebrate beer day: drink foam on that date need as much as possible! Well, two days before the beginning of the Catholic-Lutheran Easter is the Day of cakes: children have the right to obtain free Goodies in the pastry, but they have long and persistently to beg sellers.

In the UK “edible” holidays are bright events that can be observed with sufficient scope. The celebration of whisky in the Speyside, Scotland, in early may. It opens a whole series of festivals dedicated to this drink, which ends Autumn spasibki festival. Festivals dedicated to beer, also staggering in scope: Great London beer festival, almost equal to the Oktoberfest and Beer festival in Peterborough. Other notable dates – September cheese Festival in Cardiff and Apple Day, timed to the end of October.

In Russia the main festivals are closely associated with food, are Carnival and Easter. The main attribute pancake feasts – man, the symbol of the spring sun, and it is impossible to imagine Easter without Easter cakes, colored eggs and cottage cheese Easter, with deep religious significance. The other “edible” holidays with a long history are also associated with Church tradition: Apple spas, honey spas and bread saved, which is simultaneously important dates religious and agricultural calendars. Among modern holidays, which appeared only recently – the Day Kalmyk tea, established in 2011, which arose at the same Day of healthy food (opposed to American Day of gluttony), Day brewer.

Of course, we have not mentioned all of the world holidays food: actually so many of them that take into account all the dates is not an easy task! Nevertheless, we are confident that you have learnt from our list of something new and interesting. Choose a holiday they prefer and select tasteful, and “Home Guru” will help you with recipes and tips.

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