Five of the best beer festivals of the world

The beer nation, of course, are the Germans – according to the polls, in Germany regularly consume this drink, 67% of women and 91% men. It is not surprising that the world’s largest beer festival – Oktoberfest takes place in Germany. It was first held in October of 1810 Bavaria, then was celebrated the marriage of Ludwig I and Princess Therese of Saxony.

On this occasion, had arranged a Grand festivities with beer and races, taking place at the city gates in a large meadow that since then bears the name of Terezinho. They also invited all the inhabitants of Munich, the beer was poured for free. The event is so liked Ludwig that he ordered me to hold it annually. Since then, on the third Saturday of September begins the festival of Oktoberfest. At the Theresienwiese erected a giant beer tents – affiliates of the Munich beer halls, modestly referred to as “tents”. Always 14, and is also a tradition.

Each year, the Oktoberfest attracts about a million people. They drink 10 million pints of beer, eat 750 thousand fried chicken and 800 thousand sausages. And yet – are buying up tens of thousands of glowing horns, hearts and hats with flashing lights, and not sentimental reasons. These unpretentious decoration in fact have absolutely practical purpose: after the glorious celebration of a special service by the flickering lights detects a motionless body on the dark streets of Munich, load it on a cart and taken to a designated area. This year the festival will be held from 20 September to 5 October.

Beer festival Cannstatter Volksfest, held in Stuttgart, Germany, is considered the world’s second largest after the Oktoberfest. His story begins in 1818 when the Queen Katherine and king William Wurttembergische decided to arrange a holiday for the people after the hard years of the plague.

During the festival in the city there is a huge number of beer tents that offer the product boiled at best Breweries in the country. More than 300 enterprises occupy an area of 16 hectares. The tables in the most famous reserve tents for a few months before the festival. The large tents are usually “Hotelsnear” and “Schwaben Brau”. One of the famous beer halls – the hall of the black forest with spruce paws, waterfalls and a laser show. Lovers would not miss “the French village”, where you can sample the Gallic delicacies. A striking difference between this festival of its kind in that it focuses primarily on families, and the proof of this extraordinarily friendly and joyful atmosphere that reigns here. This year Cannstatter Volksfest will be held from 27 September to 12 October.

Their traditions of cooking and consumption of beer have in Britain. Those who were lucky enough to visit the Big beer festival at London’s Olympia Exhibition Center, will agree with this.

The festival is able to surprise the most jaded fan of beer. Every year it brought more than 350 varieties of British ale, 60 varieties of pear cider and a variety of bottled Beers. Guests can enjoy a wheat beer, beer with spices and herbs, as well as low-alcohol varieties and porter from all corners of the United Kingdom, not counting the 300 imported varieties from Belgium, Germany and America. Live music, Raffles, rides, great restaurants and shops enliven the atmosphere of the festival. Exercise can be accepted for pub games Darts, skittles and table football. And beautiful to the ear gourmets will be old drinking songs.

The emblem of the festival is the Sumerian goddess of Ninkasi. The Sumerian inhabitants of the Kingdom which was in the territory of modern Iraq, was brewing under her care 40 centuries ago. Ancient cuneiform has brought to our time, its recipe, and this drink every time prepare on the eve of the festival. The taste of his very unusual, and nutritionally it is superior to bread. By the way, the calorie content of beer alienate it from women. The big beer festival in London aims to attract to their side the beautiful half of humanity, and proof that beer is a drink is not harmful, are intended to serve as the slenderness and grace of Ninkasi.

If you believe the Guinness Book of records, the Great beer festival in amerikanka Denver – a place where beer lovers will see the biggest selection of varieties of your favorite drink. The annual festival is attended by more than 300 companies, which offers a lot of different kinds of beer, including the famous “Pilsner”, “Pale”, “Stout”. Denver has long been considered a kind of “American Munich”, and the festival confirms this. The first U.S. Great beer festival was held in 1982 and has since been held annually from 3 to 5 October in Denver. co), gathering more than 20 thousand visitors from all over America.

By the way, the U.S. is the largest beer producer in the world (214 hectoliters, or 180 million barrels per year). Unlike Europe, most American beer is not released miniature brewery according to ancient recipes, and giant corporations. The world’s largest brewery is also here in Colorado. So, if we proceed not from a quality American beer, and from its quantity, Americans have the right to call your festival Great.

In Belgium, beer is more than just a drink, it is an integral part of the culture of the country. Ancient traditions of Belgian brewing will satisfy the most fastidious and demanding lover of this drink. The number of produced and consumed beer, this country is among the first in Europe. In Brussels is the international court of Beers, Antwerp is the largest specialized market, where transactions are made by the sale of malting barley and malt. Most popular brand of light Belgian beer “Stella Artois” for many decades, does not leave the top ten in the world ranking of best-selling brands. And for culinary cuisine de la beer, the basic principle of which is cooking with beer –fiction Belgian chefs. Well, where else, tell them to hold beer festivals, if not here?

And in Belgium they are happy to spend. Beer festivals, exhibitions, fairs, festivals – a lot. But especially notable Belgian beer weekend, which is held annually in Brussels Grand place from 6 to 8 September. These days in Brussels attracts beer lovers from all over Belgium and neighbouring countries – France, Netherlands, Luxembourg. More than 30 Breweries proudly present their best Beers. Entrance to the festival is free, and the price for a mug of beer usually not more than 1 Euro.

Remember that most respect among the regulars of any beer festival enjoyed by those who have tried for his life not less than 1000 varieties of beer. So catch up!

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