Festival “fish week”

From 22 to 28 April in the Russian capital will host the first all-Russian festival “fish week” with the participation of the Federal Agency for fisheries and the Government of the capital . The main purpose of the event is to increase the popularity of the Russian fish from the population, and also to acquaint the citizens of the capital with all its diversity.

In festival will take part not less than 150 suppliers from 50 regions of the country. The Moscow stage will be a pilot, and in the case of the triumph of the homologous series of events will take place throughout the Russian Federation. Each stage will give the best opportunity to abrasionresistant the population, as it is affordable and can be varied fish products.

For me, personal growth means to become more wise, experienced, aware, happy, loving and, as a consequence, more successful, prosperous and rich!

“Fish week” in the Russian capital promises to be the bright city event this spring.

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The content

Petersburg says drugs «no»

Asia, and there hemp brutal and affordable, so use all. He also was fond of, but it was a long time ago.

Sergey lekomtsev, citizen of St. Petersburg: “Have fun, and there are nailing. But it’s all capuchino and youth. On the Eastern base of hemp perceive by smell. Incidentally, the truckers eat, not to sleep.”

Parks of the capital for children

The Park “elk island” is the most interesting in the Russian capital place for young “naturalists”. It is home to 200 species of birds, 50 mammal species and thousands of plant species. In the Park conduct tours of the Elk biological station: give there kids to get acquainted with the moose and the elk.

Fish cutlets of pike

Wash the fish again. Cut it along the ridge, to be comfortable to remove the fillet. I skin with fish pictures did not, by inclination can be removed. Release pike fillets from large bones, and the small grinder is not a hindrance.

Now soak in the midday milk loaf.

New Year 2015 in the Russian capital. New year holidays.

The approach of the New Year in the Russian capital begins to be felt, when the main squares of the capital are of the Christmas Tree. It occurs in the second half of November. In the Russian capital lit festive illuminations begins the Christmas and new year discounts and Christmas shopping.

Review of the Metropolitan parks are fun for kids

In the parks of the fun the kids have a chance to vent their unbridled energy, get positive emotions, and it promotes a good mood and increase efficiency, which is especially important for students.

Abandoned maternity hut. Clara Zetkin (Moscow)

From the courtyard between the projections (of the building that juts out over the main web of the facade) is the volume of the old believers ‘ chapel. In the almshouse has been done by the common faith of the Church (A. D.

The new year’s holiday 2015: where to go and what to do 11 weekends in a row

Options will be every — Grand and minimal:-).


The Treasury”. It provides artistic works made from precious metals and stones. The time – 12-20 century.

Travel is by metro station Tretyakovskaya or Novokuznetskaya station.

Delicious fish cutlets of pike for a couple with semolina

If cooking burgers for the future, collect them in a saucepan with a thick bottom, add ½ Cup water and simmer with closed lid for 7-10 minutes..

Tip: Instead of parsley in the stuffing, you can add on an extra amount dill or cilantro, as in mortal form, and dried.

Events in the Russian capital on new year’s day 2014

The event will happen on Lubyanka area.

Celebrations on new year’s night will be held in all the parks of culture and recreation capital.

31 December 2013 -5 January 2014 120 – 030 Park “Babushkinskaya”.

Where to go with children in Sunday: eight – 10 March in the Russian capital

Mimosa or day release from the pan is not the desire of the woman, says the administration of the Park “Muzeon”, so the eight of March there arrange the holiday of spring rock ‘ n ‘ roll.

The way the stars are all desirous stylists will create.

Face to sons

In the Barber shop child-friendly environment with lots of flashy toys and animated films for all ages. During shearing the son can be the parents on the hands or sit on a chair in the form of animal. Masters barbershop has special training and extensive experience working with children and adolescents.

Casserole of river caviar fish

Double lug differs from only triple the number of bookmarks fish.

In the manufacture of a triple, the first portion is laid immediately, as boiled broth with potatoes.

Welded spread in a separate bowl and placed into the pot-th portion from the largest fish.

How to cook “fish thing”.

The fish festival week:Russian fish-live and chilled-appears on 34 of the capital markets

During the festival of the Transfiguration of the dispute (str. Preobrazhensky Val, VL. 17) when you purchase two sturgeons will give-alive x crucians, and the purchase and not less than two pounds of any fish sellers will clean them free of charge.The market in Kuzminki (street Zelenodolsky, VL.

twenty-two April in the Russian capital kicks off the Russian festival “fish week”!

There are fish, which is much higher than the imported ones. But customers no one tells. Sometimes, they can recommend any dish in a restaurant, but I’m also never met, so I gave carp that it wanted to try,” said she.

In the Russian capital will host a feast “fish week”

Moscow,2 months March – AIF-Moscow.

The first all-Russian feast “fish week” will be held in the Russian capital from 22 to 28 April with the help of the Federal fishery Agency and the Government of the capital.

The main objective of the event is to increase the popularity of the Russian fish from the population, and also to acquaint the citizens of the capital with all its diversity.

In the festival “fish week” will take will be 250 restaurants

RG” Alexander Ivanov. – In General one of the objectives of the festival, to establish what fish can be prepared very original dishes without any extreme effort.

The poster of the most interesting events of the festival “fish week”

Cena called out the best songs from a collection of French chanson, implementation enchanting and unique charm of black-and-white movie.

nineteen:00-19:45 – “Sea orchestra”

Clockwork assortment of vests, playing hits of all ages and ethnicities.

The government of the capital and the Agency has signed a cooperation agreement on promotion of Russian fish in the capital

Business scheme of the festival opened today, April 20, at the premises of the Government of the capital, where took place the round table “Russian fish in the Russian capital: current issues of import substitution”. By results of discussion the government of the capital and the Agency has signed a cooperation agreement on promotion of Russian fish in the capital.

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