Festival – Beautiful planet

Millions of people on the planet share one thing – the desire to be beautiful. Today the word “beauty” is a whole industry of professionals. Annually in the world there is a lot of innovative drugs, products, solutions and technologies, so the cosmetics market is one of the most rapidly developing.



Venue: exhibition center “Crocus Expo”, Moscow Moscow, in the framework of the exhibition “the suburbs”

Exhibition organizer: Expo – Moskovia

Festival organizer: Expo – Moskovia, the company ALEAX, Moscow Regional House of Models

The aim of the festival is to gather interested professionals the beauty industry (hair stylists, makeup artists, cosmetologists, nail masters) from different cities of Russia and Near abroad, United by a common idea of improving skills, realization of their creative abilities and professionalism.

Festival events:

• The championship on hairdressing and nail design

• BEAUTY-MARKET (area sales professional materials for professionals in the beauty industry)

• Shows (fashion shows, workshops, fashion shows, performances sports and fitness bands)

• Business program (roundtable for business leaders in the beauty industry, seminars and business training)

• Educational program (seminars on topics relevant regulations of the festival).

The festival will cover all segments of the beauty market:

• Perfumes and cosmetics

• Hairdressing

• Nail services

• Salons and beauty institutes


• Learning centers

• Supporting materials (disposable products)

Additional information

The participants of the Festival will be held at their stands a variety of presentations, training seminars and workshops. Hairdressers reveal the secret of skill, will make a stylish haircut and give your hair a trendy tint, manicure specialists will transform your hands and nails into a work of art, beauticians will show the newest tools and methods of rejuvenation, and also training centers will tell you specifics about their learning.

Of course, most importantly, the Festival will be held the final of the Championship on hairdresser’s art and nail design for the Cup “Beautiful planet” Previously, in different cities of Russia and CIS countries will be held qualifying rounds to participate in the Finals. Also as part of the Festival team competitions, contests, Beauty Salons and best priced.

On the main stage during all days of the event will be held all sorts of colorful show and brilliant master-classes by leading artists of the beauty industry.

Why participate in the festival “Beautiful planet”:

• Raising awareness and prestige of the company

• The launch of a new product with a guarantee that it will not go unnoticed as a professional audience and end user;

• Communication with existing or potential customers, determining present and future the preferences of the consumer;

• Solving critical business problems in just 3 days, saving time and effort;

• Ability to organize presentations, trainings, seminars, meetings with clients and business partners;

• Participation in business, educational and competitive program.

For many companies, the participation in exhibitions and festivals – the main way of promotion. This is the place where strategic decisions, appointments are negotiable. The main purpose of the organizers of the festival attracting exhibitors, visitors, but also search for new, optimal solutions for the overall development of the beauty industry in Russia and CIS.

Before the meeting,

the organizing Committee of the festival

“Beautiful Planet”



Pass the qualifying rounds for the championship on hairdresser’s art and nail design for the Cup “Beautiful planet”. Already successfully passed the fight for the semi-finals:

March 22 in Izhevsk proposal city festival Anthem Craft 2011. 6 city competition of professional skill of hairdressers and nail masters “Prestige”. In the framework of this event was the qualifying round of the championship on hairdresser’s art and nail design for the Cup “Beautiful planet” in section nail designers. Was attended by over 80 people. Competitive zone for the championship opened up the learning center Udmurtia, Krasnoarmeyskaya 109A.

2 Modeling of artificial nails Gel / Acrylic technology.

-Salon modeling using camouflage techniques.

-Cabin design. (aquarium simulation)

-Decorative French. Salon design.

3 design Gallery. Distance participation.

– Painted with acrylic paints. Topic: Spring melody

The awards ceremony for the contest was held in

State National theatre of the Udmurtian Republic

Gorky str. 73

In each category: three(3) prizes.

Contestants who rank from 1 to 10, are invited to participate

in the final of the championship on hairdressing and nail design on the Cup “Beautiful planet”, Moscow.

All participants are awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts from sponsors of the festival.


For the first time in Ukraine in the framework of the VII Specialized exhibition “Beauty Industry and MedExpo” started the Festival “Beautiful planet”, the event, which was attended by the contestants, members of professional Exhibitions, visit, word, connoisseurs of beautiful.

These were three days of celebration and excellence.

On the main stage daily non-stop held master classes and seminars of well-known companies beautiful business: presentation of the product Matrix, Product Presentation ESTEL. Presentation of TM”Sharlyn”, “Suda”, master-class and presentation of the product “Home Manicure Elena Lange”.

May 19-20, hosted the main event Semi-final of the Championship of hairdressers, makeup artists and nail designers for the Cup “Beautiful planet”, which brought together a large number of participants who came from different cities of the Crimea and Ukraine. Master with experience and newcomers participated in six categories of the festival:

· Classic manicure

· Pedicure combo

· Salon modeling. Akrilovye technology

· Salon modeling. Gel technology

· Art painting

· Painting brushes. Correspondence participation

Great interest was aroused among the spectators nomination Complete image. “Alien”,

in which took part not only professionals with experience and novice master.

A galaxy of unusual images, defile on stage was the best evidence that in the beautiful business of the Crimea a lot of really creative, talented hair stylists, makeup artists and manicurists. Masters have shown themselves to be true artists and were able to show their skills not only to the members of the jury, but also to those who care about art in General!

Festival “Beautiful planet” gives everyone the opportunity to touch the world of fashion, beauty, art, discuss trends in the development of the salon business, find something new, to see unforgettable shows.

Qualifying rounds continue and we will be happy to see you among the participants of the Championship.

For all questions and suggestions please contact the organizing Committee of the “Beautiful planet” on these contacts.

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