Famous and tremendous carnivals planet

The noise, the fun, crazy colorful outfits, dancing, insanely beautiful and breathtaking carnivals attract tourists from different corners of the earth. It’s worth seeing.

Brazilian carnival

A significant figure of the Brazilian carnival fat Momo, who handed the keys to the city, and he is elected annually from the major representatives of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (9 — February 12, ).

Automotive life on the carnival stops and starts enchanting, large-scale and colorful show: huge moving platforms on which eccentric movements and extravagant outfits dazzle dancers, girls in massive shiny costumes with feathers, performances of various schools Sambo, bright flashes of fireworks and fireworks in the night sky, live music and crazy dancing.

Residents of Rio De Janeiro for the whole year waiting and preparing for this exciting spectacle. In stores you can find countless elegant carnival costumes, even little children. The scope and brilliance of the carnival in Rio surpass carnivals in other Brazilian cities, and for the city he brings great profits.

Venice carnival

The Venetian carnival in Venice. Italy (January 26 – February 12, 2013), no less famous Brazilian, and its main feature is a magnificent carnival masks. The scale of the activity carnival large – more than half a million visitors and tourists are rushing to participate in the fun and festivities. The participants dressed in velvet suits, silk dresses and outfits from brocade.

The program of the carnival includes a procession of famous heroes – hundreds of Pierrot, Columbine, Harlequin, Holiday confetti, view, Comedy del Arte. In the old palaces and palazzos are held masquerade balls: the ball of Casanova, masquerade on the water, and the most important sight – “gold night”, immersing the participants in the atmosphere of medieval Venice with its liberties and fun.

Carnival — the most famous of spring holidays in Spain. Photo: DESIREE MARTIN/AFP/Getty Images

Spanish carnival

Spanish carnival (7 – 13 February, ) represents an awakening from the winter cold, boil three weeks fun events, enlivened by cafés.

The most colorful carnival in the city of Las Palmas on the beautiful island of Gran Canaria. Dance processions, festive competitions and performances are held on city streets. And in the Park hosts the main competition of the carnival Queen.

The candidates can arrange enchanting presentations, performances with special effects, dancing and magic tricks. In the last days of the festival, theatrical ritual burning of an effigy of a sardine.

Every year in February-March in the capital city of Goa, Panaji, held a three-day carnival. This tradition, like many others, guanzi adopted from the Portuguese. Photo: DESHAKALYAN CHOWDHURY/AFP/Getty Images

Carnival in Goa

During the three days of carnival festivities in Goa, India (9 – February 12, ) held noisy parties, dances, processions and performances. People walk, have fun and celebrate the holiday.

On the first day you Wake up to the sounds of street Portuguese melodies, brought here together with the fat man Momo, as in Brazilian traditions. The main feature of this carnival is the festival of colors. It is that many people gathered together begin to RUB on each other powders of all colors and splatter from water pistols flower water. Fun and childlike occupation attracts tourists and visitors.

Carnival in nice — the most beautiful and bustling holiday on the Cote d’azur, coming to nice in the second half of February. Photo: SEBASTIEN NOGIER/AFP/Getty Images

Carnival in nice

Fun, dancing, confetti and fireworks, moving platform with hoisted on them eight dolls with huge heads made of papier-mache, theatrical productions, concerts – all of this can be found at the carnival in nice, France (February 15 – March 5, ).

Elected Carnival don majestically sits on a throne the entire holiday. All participants look forward to the Battle of Flowers, where we choose the most beautiful floral platform on which can be up to 5,000 flowers. The most beautiful sight.

The new Orleans carnival throughout its long history has won the love and recognition among tourists who come to the carnival days. New Orleans annually receives more than 800 thousand tourists who want to enjoy the carnival procession. Photo: Cheryl Gerber/Getty Images

Carnival in New Orleans

Analogue carnival – Mardi Gras is celebrated everywhere in the U.S. (January 19 – February 12, ) and symbolizes the arrival of spring. The parade passes through the streets of the city, headed by the elected King and Queen who throw coins, sweets and other trifles in the crowd.

Colourful processions and musical performances is endless. At the end of the traditionally burned in effigy, which leave the hardships and sorrows of winter, and the warm time comes.

The carnivals held in Munich and Cologne, famous around the world. It begins with unshakable German precision exactly 11 hours 11 minutes 11 November. Carnival here is almost officially considered to be the fifth season. Photo: Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images

Cologne and Munich carnivals

Is measured pedantic German living in Cologne and Munich, Germany (18 – 21 February, ) comes with bustle, the atmosphere of celebration and joyous commotion.

It all begins in “Babi Thursday”, when women “capture” Central town hall and proclaim the beginning of the festivities. From this moment begins the shindig themed performances, parades, and concerts.

In “pink” Monday is the parade – riding through the streets of the platform with dancing, reciting poems, singing residents, dressed in colorful costumes. Revelry subsides only to Ash Wednesday, which is considered a day of repentance, the celebration ends, the noise level subsides, and life is calming down again.

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