Fall festival in South Korea

The period from September to November, when the temperature ranges from 8 to 19 degrees Celsius, the day is not hot, and morning and evening blowing a refreshing breeze – the best time to travel around the country. That is why the fall in Korea many festivals are held, and since autumn – it is also a time of harvest festivals, there is always a lot of tasty treats that visitors could eat in a fun, reports the Moscow office of National tourism organization.

Festivals are held on various themes: Korean history, culture, art, traditional cuisine, etc. You will be able to attend the Festival of ginseng, which is so proud of Korea, the Festival dedicated to the cultural monuments of the country, the martial arts Festival, the Festival of kimchi and many others.

Festival of typical Korean paper Wonju

Location: Gangwon-do, Wonju, Art gallery «Wonju Chiak”, etc.

Content: Here you can visit the fashion show, to see the dolls and other crafts made from traditional paper “kanji”, and also to try to make things with their hands

International jazz festival on the island CARICOM

Place: Gyeonggi-do, gapyeong-gun, the island CARICOM

Content: during this festival you will be able to enjoy the performances on the open stage jazz bands from Korea and from abroad.

Festival of ginseng in Kasane

Location: chungcheongnam-do, Kumsan-gun, the Area of the center of ginseng and ginseng and medicinal herbs

Content: the Festival is held in the main destination countries for the production of ginseng – Kasane. Here you can see and try products from this useful plant, as well as inexpensive to purchase it. The festival will be of interest to anyone who cares about their health.

Festival Ramadan Powdery in Anseong

Place: Gyeonggi-do, Incheon, Park Kanban

Content: Here you can see puppet shows, performances on the rope, traditional musical performances, etc.

Festival of culture of dolmens in Kanha

Place: Incheon, Kanghwa-gun, Hajom-men, the Size of the dolmens.

Content: during this festival you will be able to feel the atmosphere of antiquity and mystery of dolmens and to get acquainted with their history. The festival suitable for children.

World martial arts festival in Chunju

Place: chungcheongbuk, G. Chunju, Chilham-Dong, Thangamma, the UN peace Park

Content: In this festival will bring together more than 9 thousand people from different countries, who will present the audience the techniques of martial arts in their countries and show their skills in large-scale competitions.

Lantern festival on Nalgene in Chinju

Place: Gyeongsangnam-do,, Chinju, fortress Qinjuan, river Namhan

Content: during this festival you can enjoy the sight of thousands of lanterns are launched upon the waters of the river Namhan. You will be able to make a flashlight and pull it into the water, making the wish.

Festival reels in Seoul

Location: Seoul, Ttukseom, Seoul forest, the platform for events

Content: during this festival you will be able to see performances by drummers from around the world and, of course, Korean traditional drums. The festival will be held the exhibition, which will be presented about a thousand different percussion instruments from around the world.

The international film festival in Busan

Place: Busan, Nampo-Dong, street theatres, Sailing arena Suemune, Haeundae

Content: It is the largest film festival not only in Korea but also in Asia, showing films of different genres, allowing you to track the latest trends in the world of cinema. Choose movies like and enjoy watching!

International fireworks festival

Location: Seoul, yeongdeungpo-GU, Yeouido-Dong, Park on the Han river in front of the building ’s 63 of the floor”

Content: This festival is held annually on the Han river, and it is specially invited experts in the fireworks from different countries of the world. Here you can see a truly amazing light show, laser shows, and performances.

Festival Ananse in Seoul

Location: Seoul, Dongdaemun-GU, Chegi-Dong, Anansi, street medicinal herbs

Content: Here you can buy cheap ginseng and other medicinal herbs, but also to participate in various events devoted to the methods of Oriental medicine.

Food festival in namdo

Location: Jeollanam-do Sunchon, Folk village the Revolver EPSON.

Content: the Festival will be held in the province of jeolla-namdo, which is famous for its unique cuisine. Here you can try various dishes from 22 cities and counties of the province, the food of Buddhist monks, cuisine, healthy, and mn.Dr. This is a real treat for gourmets!

Festival catcall in the Cango

Location: chungcheongnam-do, nonsan, Marina Kang pogo market catcall, the exhibition catcall, etc.

Content: In the largest and most famous market catcall you can not only eat it, but you also can buy inexpensive product, to try to do it yourself, and learn more about the fishing culture of the town.

The parade of migratory birds Chinaman in suisan

Location: chungcheongnam-do, seosan, Bay Chinaman

Content: the Festival is held in the Bay of Chinaman, which flock about 300 species of seasonal migratory birds, a total number of annually reaches approximately 400 thousand so you will have a great opportunity to observe them and to enjoy the beautiful nature.

The international festival is the masked dance in Andon

Place: Gyeongsangbuk-do, Andong, a theatre stage for dancing in masks hahoe village, etc.

Content: during this festival you will be able to see not only Korean traditional dancing performance in masks, but also those of international artists. Everyone will also be able to wear a mask and choose to participate in the bright street performance.

The international folklore festival of MIME in the hanok village in Jeonju

Location: Jeollanam-do, Jeonju, folk village hanok

Content: during this festival you will be able to watch performances of mimes, acrobats, jugglers and clowns from different countries, who will regale the audience with their amazing abilities. In addition, you will be able to learn some of the movements of acrobats and more to learn about the art of pantomime.

The kimchi festival in Gwangju

Place: city of Gwangju, Buk-ku, Lonpon-Dong, Park Cove

Content: during this festival you will be able not only to see many kinds of kimchi, but you will also have the opportunity to try to pickle it, using a variety of ingredients, and participate in contests.

Fish festival in Chinaman in Porto

Posilipo on Jeju island

Place: Jeju island, Seogwipo, Taejon up, Mosul Pohang

Content: Despite the fact that the festival is held in late autumn, it is very popular among tourists. Here you will be able to participate in competitions on fishing, look at marine parade, and many others.Dr.

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