Educational games for kids 10 years

The eldest daughter Alfiya decided to throw a party for her friends from the yard – farewell to summer. Summer vacation here holds her cousin Sabina from Nizhnevartovsk, and friends they have in common. The party were cooking. On the table – juice, Cola, crisps, sandwiches, fruit, watermelon. An entertainment programme is also prepared in advance. I’m inspired by the experience with the younger daughter, too, looked for girls educational games for children 10 years of age.

However, my daughter is 12, but there are games that are interesting at any age, especially among the guests there are girls and older and younger.

Train the speed of thought

I must say, if your teenage daughter asks permission to have a party, and promises to finish at 11 PM, do not expect that it will  we walked until four in the morning… However, it was agreed in advance that the guests will spend the night, but I waited in vain, that they will go to sleep… Well, most importantly they had fun. Of course, they sat in front of the computer, climb in the “Contact”, then turned movies – Comedy and horror, but watch did not, and began to play. Of course, I haven’t played with them (the daughter didn’t want to leave my house). But some of the games by watching. Unlike kids, the power games among teenagers was on the rise.

They began with guessing the names of objects. He says one of the players in your ear the name of the subject, and he tries to explain the word gestures, glances, body movements. Whoever guesses the leading. According to the rules of the game, point the finger at the subject impossible. Were funny and complex tasks, for example, a flower on the window sill does not want to otkazyvatsa. TV guessed on leading, computer – mouse.

Games for children 10 years of age usually on the development of logical thinking, or reactions, in simple terms, intellectual or physical development. As all this was going on at home, in the game on the physical development of girls do not play. Remember the game “Turncoats”, very funny! This is when the leader calls “inverted” name known to all movies, TV shows, or Proverbs, sayings. You probably already played it, but here is an example of the most ridiculous options.

Good morning, lads. (Good night, kids!), The cave of nightmares (Field of miracles), Radiology (Teletubbies) – TV shows, the Dog in mittens (puss in boots), Dressed beggar (the Naked king), Green Shoe (little Red riding Hood), Rusty padlock (Golden key), Flower maid (the snow Queen), greyish shrub (the Scarlet flower), Deceased fat man (Kashchey the Immortal) – the title of fairy tales.

“With laziness would get the bird out of the tree” (“not easy take out the fish from the pond”), “Started the fun – work shy” (“I Finished it – walk bold”), “Rest – lamb, field run” (“Work is not a wolf in the forest will not run away”), “Man on a cart – horse harder” (“the Woman with a cart – Mare is easier”) – Proverbs.

From what I found online, I want to advise particularly liked the game. For example, these games for kids 10 years will be interesting for older children, even adults.

“I know ten names…”

This game can be played whole class, or numerous yard company. Good game for the school holidays. Stand everyone in a circle, one player – the ball. He begins: “I know ten names…” and sets the theme of the chain, such as a river. After “I know ten names of rivers” leading (the kid with the ball) just passes the ball to his neighbor. He should quickly come up with the name of the river and pass the ball on. So goes the chain until you get the 10 names of rivers. If the circle more than ten people, then after the tenth of the name the player with the ball just comes up with the theme of the chain, for example, names of boys, girls, names of cities, countries, mountains, names of authors, titles of fairy tales or the movies. Those who can’t quickly come up with a word or repeat already sounded the word out. After playing a bit, we had to increase the number of words to 20, because the first ten names are invented very easy, harder when the most famous names already mentioned.

This game enhances memory, concentration and reaction speed, helps to remember the curriculum in geography, literature, etc. Gives us a chance to show off your knowledge  For more adult company can be a challenge, for example, ask to call the rivers of Russia or the States, cities of Europe, the names of historical personalities.

Children’s party will be fun

There are some educational games for children 10 years that will appeal to guys as slightly younger and older. For example, if a children’s party or birthday of your child many children came, and they not really know each other, we can arrange a game on familiarity. To better remember names, it is necessary to hold such a game. Stand in a circle, the first player calls his name. Second, next to him, calls the name of the neighbor and his name. The other one calls the name of two neighbors and their name. In the end, when the turn back to the first player, everyone will learn who is who. You can offer such continuation: after the first lap to his name guys add some motion-clapping, jumping, crouching, etc. Every next player calls the name again and adds movement, and then calls the names and adds the movement of all previous. Everyone wins, because they will quickly get to know each other, and wins the most attentive.

After this warm-up you can play the following game. The presenter gives the task: to change places, lined up in a certain order. For example, all names were placed in alphabetical order; to go back on the color of hair (left – dark-haired, right — Blonds); to go back on growth (left small, right large).

Another game, mobile. Its better to play outside on the big Playground.

Children are split into pairs. Each couple gets back together and interlock arms at the elbows. In this position, the children have to run 20-30 meters before the finish and, without turning, to go back to start. Thus, each playing one side runs forward facing and the other back.

In one family the supermarket read an interesting quote: “73 percent of children believe that spending time with parents is much more interesting than watching TV”. Children are happy when parents play with them. By the way in America, most parents spend a lot of time with children, they decided that the parents work as volunteers in their children’s school. And we often do not find time once a quarter to go to the meeting, not to mention participation in school activities. I hope the readers of  everything is different. Good luck to your kids in the new school year!

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