Contests at the festival

If you planned a festive event, we cannot do without the game program. Games and contests at the festival – perhaps the most vivid and memorable moments because they create a relaxed atmosphere and good mood. There are so many different types of contests – drinking, moving, intelligent, playful, fun, music, attention, or intelligence…. Importantly, the guests were fun, interesting, regardless of the status of winner or loser. Much depends on the lead – as he will be able to cheer the underdog, to instill a desire to participate in other contests and enjoy the game. Prizes – the winner and just for participating can be very different – from a bottle of champagne to photo hero for the day with an autograph and a dedication that is important, not the cost of the gift, but how it is presented, the light bulb, for example, or a candle can proudly bear the title “lighting device”, and key “accessory for the car.” About the contests you can speak, but it is better to participate in them. Choose!

Original contests for youth and adults

Sweet tooth

No celebration is complete without dessert because the cake is the culmination and the decoration of the celebration. But the traditional tea party – not for the competition. We have two teams would eat their cakes without using your hands. Moreover, the cake each group of participants is given in compressed form. To remove the straps and the box should also without hands (they tied in the back). Each team from among its members chooses “police”, which will be holding a bottle of water. Drink it will be those who will ask. Well, will win the team that will deal with your cake faster.

Carefully on tiptoe!

This giveaway is perfect for a fun company with a good sense of humor. At the beginning of the game, leading persuades guests to donate to contest any valuable thing watch, keychain, decoration. Neat he asks for a volunteer to put all values on the floor, carefully take a look at them to remember the location of objects. Then he is blindfolded and explain the task – to pass between all the elements, not to touch them. While all together, circling the player on its axis and count to three, assistants quickly clean all the things, and the audience “help” to take the first steps: “Now the chain hooked, the car on the alarm!”, “Oh, my diamond earring!”. When quite exhausted, the player gets to the finish and removes the bandage, his turn in the obstacle course, and all laugh together.


In this game you need to opposite-sex company. Props for the contest will need a blanket and two assistants, ready to hold the screen. Teams are divided into girls and boys. Girl hiding behind the screen, trying not to show anything extra, except for the part of the body, which is conceived. For example, each shows on the screen the hand, and the men’s team should determine what the hand is. Then the teams switch places and now girls compare, for example, feet, trying to guess their owner. With the same success it is possible to guess the ear, the crown – it all depends on the freedom of the company. As an option – you can guess the sponge left on the mirror with lipstick. If no mirror for each girl, you can do with paper.

The clink of glasses

Without champagne and kissing contests at the festival for young people does not happen. To combine these two pleasures will play with glasses. For a couple of volunteers were able to drink champagne on the brotherhood, the guy with a blindfold to find a girl with champagne, focusing solely on the clink of glasses. Such signals will be three. The girl with the filled glasses selects the room to a quiet place by the flick of the wrist rings leading glasses. The room should be silent. If you three tips on a ring guy finds a girl with closed eyes, they drink champagne on the brotherhood.

Dancing with balls

The participants split into pairs (preferably without the participation of jealous). Give each pair a balloon that they hold in the dance between them. If the pair lost the ball, it goes out. You can complicate the contest, moving the ball up the naughty and down, the movements must match the rhythms of the dance. The most resourceful manage to dance with the ball together. Well, those who had neither the couple, nor the ball, assess the winners, lasted the longest ball in the most incendiary dance.

The contest cocktails

Original entertainment for all age groups and companies. This contest is likely to forever change the attitude to this drink. In a pair of one participant – the taster limit opportunities, particularly the opportunity to see the process of making cocktails. The second volunteer takes on the role of the bartender and of the beverages is your “signature” cocktail. When tasting his partner focused solely on your sense of smell and taste. Trying a cocktail, it needs to name as many ingredients from its membership. If the buds did not disappoint and all the components are correctly guessed, the couple receives a prize.

Who am I

In this exciting role and an analytical game, designed for a large number of participants and spacious room (outdoors), to reach the final have to try everything. The moderator announces that they all live in a virtual town, where everyone will have their own role, and not necessarily the person. On the back of each participant is assigned a sign (“banker”, “stump”, “cat”, etc.), and they see everyone but yourself. To answer the question “Who am I?” you can observe the behavior of the players: if you ask for a loan, then you are a banker, and if offered back to prison is a thief. You can ask leading questions that require one-word answer “Yes” or “no”.

Competitions in which you can participate children


Flock is an interesting contest for the holiday for children and adults. Only the facilitator must carefully monitor the players that they do not injure each other blindfolded. Players stand in a circle and put on the blindfolds. Each announce the name of the beast, which he must submit. The goal of all players to find their flock by ear. The names of a herd of animals chosen from the characteristic sound: cows Moo, wild boars grunt, crows cawing, etc. you Can walk around the room, uttering his cry and look for their company. Win a pack, which was the first to collect all of their relatives.

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