Another world in Cannes

Celebrities on the red carpet of the Cannes film festival, salsa, Kizomba and Zumba as a warm up before dynamic Pantiero festival, which returns this year in a new format. Flamenco Andalusia and dance Sevillanas, and then a classic Nuits Musicales in the hills of Le Suquet… the musicians, the actors, the romance and magic of… «Edition Spéciale Summer» with the kings of hip-hop and romantic jazz Domergue. The show «Forever Crazy» and of the divine dancer Crazy Horse cabaret, festival of Russian art and the magic of the night fireworks… new summer season begins in Cannes.

Film festival FESTIVAL DE CANNES . The Cannes film festival for over 60 years. For many years this festival is associated with a passion for cinema and the opening of new talents, it’s filled with the enthusiasm of visitors and professionals from the film. Cannes film festival has always been a reflection of its time: a meeting place of cultures and expectations. The identification of ambitious talents, gives opportunities for takeoff budding Directors and actors. Showcase of talent and respect to everyone, the festival competition and out of competition screenings, special screenings, short film competition and film school works Cinéfondation. For all film lovers, the festival offers programs and activities that represent the films in different ways: Classical program, lessons, films on beaches open to all.

The history of the Palace of festivals and Congress in Cannes is closely connected with the festival, which began its history in 1946 on La Croisette. Faced with the growing success of the festival and the emergence of attention from tourists, the city of Cannes in 1979 took the decision to build a new Palace on the site of the municipal casino. Palace of festivals and Congress hall was opened in 1983 and this year celebrates its 30th anniversary. Your steps up to the theatre of Louis Lumiere international stars doing on the famous red carpet, the length of which is 60 metres. The screen size h meters are changed every 3 years, each display has 12 engineers, 3 technicians responsible for sound, 8 lights, 8 electricians and many projectionists… the magic of the festival. This year’s Cannes film festival will be held from 15 to 26 may.

Festival PANTIERO . This festival, dedicated to contemporary music and offers the world best and newest musical creation in the styles of electronic music, indie rock, hip hop, techno, rap, trip-hop, jungle and many others… bold music in Cannes! This is already the 11th edition of the festival and its format has not changed. His spirit remains the same, showing everyone that independent music is still interesting, and in Cannes this music festival will sound four nights, starting July 11.

Festival D’’ART PYROTECHNIQUE . Fireworks festival takes place in Cannes each year, awards the prize to the most original fireworks. On these nights the Bay of Cannes is burning thousands of fairy lights, giving an unforgettable experience! The most renowned companies and craftsmen participate in the Cannes fireworks festival, because he is very prestigious in the world and who doesn’t want to win gold or silver Vestale. This summer the festival will feature the participation of: 4 July BAKU FIREWORK GROUP (Azerbaijan) non-competitive program; July 14 NANO (Greece); July 21, Vaccalluzzo (Italy); July 29, EFC Event (France); August 7, PYRO MAGIC (Hong Kong, China); August 15, LUSO (Portugal) and 21 August J. COUTURIER (France) non-competitive program.

Festival FIESTA FLAMENCA . Virtuoso guitarist Juan Carmona with his «Sinfonia Flamenca» knows and virtuoso master of style and technique of this beautiful dance. Two days of celebration, dancing and singing in the program committed and fiery flamenco. About the program: the dancers and their skill, artistic approach and technique — are a symbol of modern flamenco, nourishing us with creativity and rich communicative energy of Andalusia. After the speech, everyone will have the opportunity to receive lessons of this flamenco. The festival will take place on 19 and 20 July.

Festival CRAZY HORSE PARIS . Unique kaleidoscope of beauty and passion seductive elite beauty! Only in Cannes, girls Parisian Crazy Horse cabaret show to the public their sensual world in the form of an unforgettable show «Forever Crazy». Crazy for their sensuality and beauty of the performances on the terrace of the Palais des festivals from 19 July to 24 August.

Festival NUITS MUSICALES DU SUQUET . Created by pianist Gabriel Tacchino in 1975, the festival Nuits Musicales Du Suquet is a real treat in the world of classical music. Orchestras, soloists and young talents, every summer during the festival, giving concerts on the hill of Le Suquet at the Church wall, to provide us with an exceptional experience from new encounters and musical creations. Between Mozart and Chopin… between the lines, violin and piano under the open sky on the hills of Le Suquet. The festival will appeal to all those who love live classical music. The festival will take place from 22 to 28 July.

Festival DE L’’ART RUssE . Warm relations between Russia and France formed a very long time. In Cannes, the Festival of Russian art is the illustration and is part of these privileged relations, paying attention to them. Since its inception in 1998, this festival showcases the splendour of Russian culture. Music, dance, folklore, circus arts, painting, gastronomy… Flights of perfection that make Cannes to dream about Russia. Not to mention prestigious events: «Russian night», movie nights and free concerts, which in Russian enliven Cannes! As the French themselves say: “Here we discover Russia, her talents and traditions, the festival brings us to the origins of the famous “Russian soul”, this is difficult to understand, but beautiful”. The festival will be held from 23 to 27 August.

Festival JAZZ à DOMERGUE . Amazing jazz concerts in Cannes, they will be held in August during the Cannes jazz festival: jazz legends and young talented musicians have performed miracles of improvisation, proving once again that jazz is not only classic, but also a vibrant modern musical genre. The festival of jazz at Domergue large audience that does not interfere with the viewers and listeners to enjoy the awesome concerts and landscapes gardens of the Villa Domergue.

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