10 unusual festivals in March

To learn the specifics of the March holidays and enter the new date in the travel calendar will help spring gala guide.

National day of women of color (USA)

The holiday was introduced in 1986 with the main objective – to provide support to indigenous inhabitants of Africa, and India. Alaska, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific Islands. On this day, many women’s organizations hold conferences, exhibitions and concerts aimed at combating racism. Street mobs distributed literature – books on the rights of indigenous peoples and their rich culture.

National grandmother’s day (France)

Date . the first Sunday in March

Every year on the first Sunday of March in France marks national day grandmothers. On this day, French women in years (the brave and, as a rule, does not like old ladies) dressed up and go for a walk – meet with grandchildren, get presents, have some liquor and almond cakes. In stores they offer special discounts, while restaurants make up a special menu.

Day cakes (Iceland)

Date . the first Monday of March

The tradition came to Iceland from Denmark in the nineteenth century. Mainly, it’s for kids. On the first Monday of the month young Icelanders marched through the streets, singing and begging in local bakeries treats – a special type of cakes filled with whipped cream and drizzled with glaze. Now the custom is gradually disappearing, but the bakery is still harvested by the spring of the traditional delicacy.

National frozen food day (USA)

March 6, 1930 in Springfield in USA began producing frozen food. Later that day went down in history as a national day of frozen foods. Basically, the holiday is celebrated manufacturers of freezer equipment. But ordinary American citizens do not mind the extra time to eat frozen waffles, pizza, foods or desserts, because on this day, these products can be purchased on holiday savings.

National Thai elephant day (Thailand)

With great respect and trepidation Thais are his loyal friends and helpers – elephants. Noble animals have long served as the main striking force in the war and were indispensable in the fields during harvesting. National Thai elephant day is celebrated on the Playground, not far from Bangkok. The heroes of the occasion cleaned, washed and wrapped in colorful outfits. The culmination of the festival – elephant treats. Everyone fed Pets prepared in a large quantity of selected fruits and vegetables.

World sleep day

From 14 March 2008 world sleep day is held annually in the framework of the project of the world health organization. In this day all over the world through conferences and symposia, where speakers talk about the miraculous effect of sleep on the body. On television in many countries broadcast public service announcements – about the danger of sleep behind the wheel, insomnia and nervous disorders on its soil.

St. Patrick’s Day (Ireland)

Tree day (Italy)

On this day, volunteers from all over Italy meet for a joint tree planting in parks and alleys of their hometown. Tree day is celebrated in the country as a celebration of renewal and unity of man with nature. At its source is an ancient Roman celebration called “the feast of Lucaria”, during which the people of different rituals honored gods of the forest. Modern Day wood was officially established in 1923 and has since secured the support of the Italian government.

World Earth hour

World Earth hour-a global event organized by world wildlife Fund (WWF). It is held annually in one of the last Saturdays of March. On this day, at the appointed time all participants are in different countries for one hour turn off all electrical appliances and lights. Main goal – to attract the world community’s attention to environmental issues and respect for nature.

The first event was held in 2007 at the scale of one city – Sydney Australia. The following year it was joined by more than 100 million people in 35 countries.

During the Earth Hour in 2014 – from 20:30 to 21:30 local time.

International day backup

International day backup (or backup) by design is intended to draw public attention to the issues of proper storage of electronic information. Selected date is assigned for a reason. In the computer environment a lot of hackers, pranksters, launching a new network developed by the virus on 1 April.

That’s why using social ads and the mobs the organizers of the Day suggest that you backup to create a backup copy of important data stored on the computer, on the last day of March.

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