10 most delicious desserts from around the world

Pies, cakes, muffins, puddings, ice cream — it seems that every country in the world people can’t live without something sweet after a hearty lunch (or at any other time of day). Today we will discuss ten stunning and delicious desserts from around the world. If any of them will be unfamiliar to you — immediately run to the nearest restaurant or store and try to find it! Welcome dessert and wasn’t found? Well, it’s a great incentive for a new journey with a culinary twist!

The name of this dessert, most likely, comes from the Spanish word “sopaipa”, which can be translated as “sweet fried dough”. He is an outstanding representative of a whole family of desserts — fried buns, obmanyvalsya in oil — which is very common in many Latin American countries. The first sopapillas appeared in new Mexico as much as 200 years ago. You can eat them separately from everything and dipped in honey that completely new reveals their taste. In addition, to impart a special flavor you can sprinkle saadias cinnamon.

9. Churros (Spain)

The invention churros we owe to Spain. In our days they can be found in almost all corners of the world, including Korean cinemas and American baseball game. Churros are sticks of soft dough on the cut is very similar in shape to the star and made from wheat flour and other special ingredients. It is best to enjoy them on cold winter evenings, when the taste of these cinnamon warm buns especially pleasant.

8. Tiramisu (Italy)

Sometimes this dessert is called “Tuscan trifle”, and his birthplace can be considered Siena is a city in North-Western Italy, in the province of Tuscany. He is like optioncom heavy American pie — easy, something resembling tapioca pudding or whipped cream. Tiramisu prepared with eggs, mascarpone cheese, cookies, lady fingers, cream, brandy, sugar, rum and grated chocolate or cocoa. Currently it has won the recognition of a sweet tooth around the world.

7. Almond biscuits (China)

These cookies originally came to us from China. but now it can be found around the world. Many Americans, for example, often go to a Chinese restaurant just to buy a box of your favorite sweets. Sometimes these cookies are served as a compliment after a hearty Chinese meal, like a pig or lobster. Don’t confuse almond cookies fortune cookies, which also came to us from China — to taste, it will give the predictive sopapillas hundred points forward. But if you drink it with milk — it’s best dessert and did not find.

6. Fruit salad (Central Africa)

There is nothing healthy fruit salad, and what could be better than dessert, which is even more useful than the main course?

In Africa there is no clear structure for this salad, but most often it includes watermelon, any fruit salad will not be considered complete.

5. Pudding “Castle” (England)

England rarely boasts a particularly tasty and delicious dishes. However, with this dessert the British Yavne has not lost. Not surprising if some of them are even willing to skip the main course just to begin this warm delicious dessert, generously drizzled with strawberry sauce. What makes this pudding apart is topping — not the pudding so affects the taste buds, and strawberry jam, which runs down its sides. They were obviously made for each other.

4. Cake Pavlova (Australia and New Zealand)

This dessert is really like in Australia. New Zealand and England. This cake can not be bought in the shop on the corner or the nearest eatery — it is only served in fancy restaurants and the most advanced stores. In addition, this dessert is not very high in calories, so they can enjoy even sitting on a diet ladies. It is prepared from egg whites and sugar, and the shell of meringue must be crispy. On top of the cake is wrapped in whipped cream and the inside has the texture of marshmallow. He served definitely fruit — strawberries, kiwi, raspberries or peaches.

3. Baklava (Turkey)

This heavenly dessert is now usually associated with Greece, but he first appeared in Ottomanskoj Empire in Turkey. At that time the Greeks and the Turks were exchanging ideas and culinary delights, and baklava. For its preparation is used phyllo dough, which often can be difficult to manage, because it dries pretty quickly. On top of many layers of dough poured the melted butter and the syrup made from honey, sugar, lemon juice and orange water. Top laid out the nuts — most often, pistachios.

2. Chestnut centoni or Creamy candy (Japan)

Typically, these candies are more suitable for cinema, and not for a full dessert, but for Japanese creamy sweets, you can make an exception — they are too delicious. The basis for these is the chestnut with the addition of sweet potatoes, sugar, sweet sauce and vinegar. For making chocolates are only suitable chestnuts varieties which can be found exclusive in Japan and South Korea.

1. Gulab Jamun (India)

To prepare this delicious dessert is better to use corn oil. The main ingredients are flour, milk and some raisins and pistachios. The dough is divided into small balls that are in the process of cooking will increase in size — almost like doughnuts. Only, unlike donuts, which are usually sprinkled with powdered sugar, Gulab Jamuna dipped in sweet syrup. The taste of the syrup may be different depending on which part of India you are. Some States prefer rose water, others have saffron or citrus juice. After immersion in syrup dessert is best left overnight to absorb more syrup. Gulab jamun, as, for example, pumpkin pie, can be served hot or cold. This traditional Indian dessert usually served on holidays and eat to the sounds of fireworks and music thundering from all sides.

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