10 most beautiful countries in the world

When choosing a place to stay, everyone wants to not only relax, but also to see the unusual natural scenery or incredibly beautiful cities and sights. Of course, during his life, few would have time to see everything the city and the country firsthand. But to visit many of the most prominent places is quite real.

There are a large number of ratings from the “10 most beautiful countries in the world”, but every one is different. Because the basis in compiling the list come from a variety of factors:

the beauty of untouched nature;

the architecture of the country;

the presence of tourist infrastructure and an abundance of entertainment, etc.

How to choose the 10 most beautiful countries in the world

Opinions about beauty at everyone. One likes old architecture, while others, it seems too old-fashioned and outdated. Who loves Europe, anyone – Asia. How to determine the 10 most beautiful countries in the world that are worth visiting in the first place? Very simple: listen to what your tastes and preferences, the advice of those who have been there, information about the countries. And, of course, see pictures – online or in print magazines.

The most beautiful countries in Europe

Mature Italy

Italy – bright and Sunny. Country of delicious food, shopping and romance. There are many beach resorts, including thermal. For lovers of history – the oldest architectural monuments, such as the Valley of Temples in Agrigento. For art lovers – museums and art galleries. Of course, it is worth remembering the famous Roman Coliseum. And if we talk about the beauty of nature – just remember the Blue grotto on the island of Capri.

Spain – best

Hot beaches with the most beautiful hotels, thrilling rides in the Park, and, of course, many beautiful buildings – this is not the whole of Spain. The architecture of this country is one of the most beautiful in the world. Gothic cathedrals and the modern building of unusual shape, the Museum of Salvador Dali and the beautiful Park Guell – a list of the most beautiful places in Spain is endless. But it is better to see once.

Vintage Czech Republic

Another one of the 10 most beautiful countries in the world – Czech Republic. Plexus streets with old architecture, numerous monuments of architecture, and two and a half thousand castles. Besides architecture, there are a lot of beautiful parks. And zoos in the Czech Republic is recognized as the best and most beautiful in the world.

Scenic Norway

Norway – a country with beautiful nature. Reserved forest and mysterious fjords attract those tourists who had enough of the East and South of exotic. Many believe that North country – is not a place for tourism. But here, you’ll find such corners of nature, which are found nowhere else on earth. By the way, in Norway it is very hot – there are a lot of geysers and thermal springs, which are quite “ulibautsa” with snow-covered terrain.

The most beautiful countries in Asia

At first glance, the Asian countries seem so distant and incomprehensible for the perception of Europeans. But, having been here once, you will want to come back here and get to know the culture of the ancient peoples. In the ranking of the 10 most beautiful countries in the world have traditionally included India, Egypt, Sri Lanka.

Mysterious India

India attracts tourists not only by Bollywood. In addition to movies, songs and dances here you can see the ancient culture, to think about the meaning of life. Indian coast have a carefree holiday. Here you can spend hours admiring the ocean or wander through the woods. One of the Indian States – Goa – the center for electronic music, noisy discos and drive. In any city of India you can not only see, but also to become participants in colorful national holidays and festivals, to try Indian cuisine. And, of course, be purchased as a gift souvenir or fabric of excellent quality.

Actionsa Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the 10 most beautiful countries in the world. Exotic country that many travelers dream to visit at least once in your life. Beautiful monuments, unusual kitchen, only from the form which captures the spirit – and you can try anything very cheap! It has everything for a relaxing escape from the bustling metropolis: pristine nature, the coast, and the hospitality of its people – people here are always happy to welcome tourists. One shortcoming – flights to Cambodia, as in most exotic countries, are expensive. But it is possible to buy inexpensive tickets, if you take advantage of special offers from carriers. Service  will help you to find and book the tickets on the cheap.

Vietnam — perhaps. the most beautiful of all the country in the Asian region .

Something of the nature of Vietnam is similar to Sochi only in much larger sizes — long stretched along the beach strip of beaches with distant mountain views. Vietnam has everything for travelers — a city with interesting monuments. magnificent mountains with rivers. beautiful caves and waterfalls. endless beaches and of course the beautiful sea. unique attractions of Buddhist architecture .

The most beautiful country of America

United States of America – very unusual country. Every state is beautiful: new York – the glory Los Angeles, CA – beautiful beaches, unusual canyons in Arizona. Here you can find anything: glossy skyscrapers in the big cities and charming village houses in small villages, beautiful natural parks and protected areas.

Brazil – country carnivals

Brazil – the world’s greatest and most beautiful forests. Many people come here to enjoy the coffee plantations and to try flavored drink. And forever fall in love with unforgettable landscapes in the first place – in the extraordinary beauty of the waterfalls. For example, the Iguazu falls on the border of Brazil and Argentina. Here almost any day time you can see a bright rainbow.

Argentina should go at least to stroll through the beautiful protected forest and touch the pristine nature. There is always clean air, lots of exotic birds, the most incredible plants. In the cities – not less beautiful: modern architecture, lovely parks and squares. And, of course, Tierra del Fuego, which beckons every traveler.

Of course, the list of the most beautiful countries in the world cannot be limited to 10 points. Each country has its own incredibly beautiful, everywhere you can find unusual places and protected corners. The main thing – to travel more and learn new things!

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